Student’s Contribution

Three years ago, when I was in senior high school, my teacher told me about how an ambassador so much useful as a representative of a country. Then, it made me want to know about ambassador further. When I’m looking about it by internet, I know that the Faculty who concentrate about that job is Social and Political Faculty.

At 2015, I registered myself by SBMPTN and I chose International Relations and Communication Studies as well. And I accepted as a Communication Studies’ student in University of Lampung.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Student is a word which means someone who is taking an Education in School even University. But University Student is not only someone who learns something and goes home as soon as possible.

We can call someone as University Student if they doing something good and useful in order to make a good achievement and performance for University and society. And what is the relation between Social and Politic Faculty student and University Student? Of course both of them have a logic relation. Social and Political Faculty student is a part of University Student.

Therefore here I am Siti Aisyah would like to deliver my opinion about University Student’s contribution for their Faculty and University.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are here, in Education society, where all the things we do relate with education, either lecturer or student. And to make a good contribution here, of course we do it because of Education. And what are those?

1. Be Active

In fact, there are many student here, in this Faculty even University have paid the schooling fee but they do not have any spirit even willingness to go to University and learn something. I know it sounds a simple way, but it gives a bad impact. Do we realize that this is why many students stuck in ‘I can’t do that, I don’t know how to do that’, etc.

We may not do that because our vision here is to make a good achievement, a better education and proper job in the future.

2. Follow any competition that is suitable with our passion and increase our capability.

If a chef’s specialty is his food, so a University Student’s specialty is his activity. Much kind of activities which can increase student’s capability, by joining English club for example. If we want to contribute something good for our Faculty and University, we can join to any organization we want and offer you a good even precious activity.

3. Reach a good score in lectures and be a good alumni

Remember, we are here as a student who want to reach better education and of course to get a proper job after graduation. We may join all the organization, we may be active and always come to the campus as long as we may do it. But many students also forget about their first priority in this Faculty.

If we can achieve good scores and become a good example for the other, of course it shows that we can contribute to our Faculty and University, it also brings us to a proper education and job later.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Contributing our selves here as an Education agent is easy. We can do it all if we want, the first thing we must bring here is a good vision that will change something and anything it this Faculty and University development.

There’s nothing will stop us, as long as we have a commitment.

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