Pros of Using Solar Water Heaters

Solar commercial industrial projects

There are many merits of using the solar water heaters and these find wide applications in solar commercial industrial projects and for domestic purpose.

Some of the pros of using the solar water heating panels are stated below:

  • Free Energy:

The first and foremost advantage of using the solar water heaters is that these heaters make use of solar energy that is free of cost and easily available.

  • Less Space:

Compared to the solar panels (PV), the solar water heating panels require less space because only 203 thermal solar panels of 2mX1m is needed for heating water where as 10–16 PV solar panels are required for the same. Thus, for houses with less roof space, the solar water heated panels are the most suitable.

  • Energy Efficient:

In these water heaters 80% of the solar radiation is converted into the heat energy.

  • Low Installation Cost:

The cost of installation of the solar water heating panels is much cheaper than the PV panels (solar). This is because in case of solar thermal panels, only 2–3 panels as compared to 10–16 for the PV panels.

  • Saving on Fuel and Electricity Bills:

Compared to the gas heating water systems, and the other fuel fired systems, the solar thermal panels help to save a lot on the fuel bills. Any of the water heating systems accounts for about (30–50) % of electricity bill but with the solar water heating panels home owners can save considerably on the electricity bills.

  • Minimize Pollution:

One major advantage of using the solar water heaters is that these minimize the carbon footprint and thereby lowers pollution.

Despite the array of environmental and economic benefits offered by the solar water heaters South Africa, the popularity of these thermal heating panels here is very low due to unreliable installers, inadequate knowledge about potential savings and so on but slowly the demand of these solar thermal panels in South Africa is rising as people are realising that they are saving a lot on their electricity bills.