Andela’s Bootcamp (Day 3)

Today started out quite cool, as I would tag it the code review day. I actually came to an understanding that one of the ways we have to make sure our code works is by reviewing it, it was quite fun trying that on my own.

Well, I was able to review the code of two my fellow bootcampers, by names Emeka and Jolade they both wrote a code which I reviewed and pushed to this repo, you can go ahead and view that.

The code was about a list of numbers passed in the parameters of a function which is expected to return the index numbers of two numbers in a list, provided that, their sum is equal to the second parameter passed in the function.You can go ahead and take a look the code here.

However, code review is not the only way that we can make sure our code works, I was meant to understand what we call the Test Driving Development (TDD) which basically allows you to test each piece of your code, making sure it does what it’s supposed to do. I was able to write a TDD which tests if a function imported into it, from it’s modules, returns the index of a number from a list of numbers passed in as the first parameter of a function, provided it’s sum, is equal to the second parameter of that same function. Oops confused a little bit? don’t be! it’s all pushed to this repo.

Also, one could build a good communication skill by avoiding “NO” while using “YES AND” or “YES BUT” to actually keep the communication going without demoralizing the third party in the dialogue.

So far so good, Andela’s bootcamp has taught me a lot and even though I don’t make it to the fellowship, I’ll forever be grateful, for I have learnt so much.

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