Andela’s Bootcamp (Day 5)

Hello reader, I feel very excited as today marks the end of week one of the Andela’s bootcamp, actually it is not by my strength that I am able to make it through, but by the special grace of God Almighty, as a matter of fact, I think you should just close your eyes for a minute and say “thank you God for everything you have done”. God bless you if you actually if did that.

Today, was such an inspirational one, I mean after listening to the speeches of the CTO Nadayar Enegesi, one should be able to understand that there’s a reason behind everything. Yes, who knows? maybe I actually made it to bootcamp because there was someone here I needed to meet, maybe I made it because there’s one little vital thing I’ve come to acquire from the bootcamp in other for me to become a better person to myself and to the society, or maybe I also made it to bootcamp because I might be that fellow Andela is looking for… (#for my mind) for God’s sake I could go on mentioning reasons, but the truth is, always try to decipher that reason and utilize it properly for your own good,because it has already been decided by God and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

His speeches about integrity made me want to do a check within me, but hey! yes we all have flaws and I think understanding these flaws and trying to be better makes us better, I mean who would have believed that, that guy has actually forged a certificate before, well it’s the tech world you have to know the bad to be good, maybe if he sees a forged certificate someday he’d recognize it. Funny enough, we all have done worst stuff, for me I think I have cloned a website before, but hey don’t tell anyone, just know it won’t happen again and thanks for keeping that little secret.

I also enjoyed the sentence completion game even though I didn’t participate. In short Today was quite fun and I think I’m gonna go get some fun right now cos it’s the weekend and please someone check this out if you wanna know how Dropbox was able to scale to 175M users