Contact Center/IVR Reporting: Why Good Analytics Improve Performance

By Jason Frohnheiser

IVR Performance

A couple of statistics recently shared by our friends at Genesys gave me pause:

  • 53% of contact centers say data analytics will do the most to re-shape the industry in the next five years.
  • 40% of contact centers have no data analysis tools.

While the majority of contact centers believe analytics is the most important factor in the industry, 40 percent have no data analysis tools. Obviously, there is a gap between strategy and execution. And many of the 60 percent who do have data analysis tools fail to utilize them in a productive manner. The point is that if you have made large investments in your contact center/IVR, your channels and your people — yet you do not have a good system for analytics and reporting — your investments may not be reap the benefits you intended.

As we discussed in our recent article titled, Call Center Metrics: Is Your IVR Contributing to a Better Customer Experience?, there are two major imperatives that drive contact center analytics:

Improved customer satisfaction. The financial impact of poor customer service is staggering. 49% of respondents reported switching providers due to poor customer service, and of those, 67% switched more than once.

Reduced call center operations costs. Poor IVR performance may be increasing operations costs and callers frustrated by confusing prompts, difficult to find options or long wait times are more difficult to support.

So why should your company make the investment in enhanced data analytics and reporting capabilities? Here are seven important reasons:

  1. Establish benchmarks. In many of our engagements, clients suffer from a lack of current performance data. As the saying goes, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” Or my favorite, “Garbage in, garbage out.” The good news is that effective reporting solutions will help you establish meaningful benchmarks that will put you on a great path to continuous improvement.
  2. Monitor current performance. As we discuss below, operations data and dashboards are a great way to ensure that you are staying on top of every aspect of your contact center’s performance — in real time.
  3. Achieve economic benefits. The ability to monitor performance will give you better headcount utilization and an automated system for collecting data, analyzing data and compiling reports will reduce hours spent on manual tasks.
  4. Fix problems. You can’t fix problems you don’t know about. Effective analytics will give you early warning of problem areas and help you respond immediately.
  5. Make better decisions. You have made a large investment in your Genesys CX platform and every decision you make about how to deploy and utilize the system can have profound consequences. The more data you have, the better the decisions — it’s that simple.
  6. Gain insight. The best way to have a better future is to capture trends in your historical reporting and have a solid understanding of how to use the information to adjust processes before a trend can hurt your business.
  7. Achieve competitive advantage. For every business that loses a customer due to a bad IVR or contact center experience, another business benefits from winning that customer. The right data, at the right time, can ensure you are the winner more often than the loser.

When designing your contact center reporting, is it vital that you have a good understanding of who exactly will be reading the data and how they intend to act upon it. Certain individuals will require line-item detail while others will best utilize rollup or dashboard reports only.

The right information, delivered to the appropriate decision maker in a timely fashion, can make a large and positive impact on your business. Why not make improved analytics and reporting one of your key objectives in 2018. As always, we are ready to help.

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