I’ve gotten asked on several occasions: What is Dads On Tap? Is it a pop culture show? is it a comic book podcast? Is it a music show? I’ve even been asked, "do yall even talk about parenting?" and honestly I’m not surprised by these questions...

If you were to listen to the surface topics of what we're talking about, sure it may sound like we're talking about nothing of importance. It may even sound like we're talking about nothing at all. But one of the most popular shows of all time was about nothing.


Becuase it's between those moments of nothing that life happens. It between our status updates that our infants become toddlers. Its on the commerical breaks that our kids go from riding in the car seat to driving themselves. Its during the guitar solos that our kids go from banging on pots and pans to playing on stage in a band.

We talk about the nothing, we talk about the pop culture and the comic books, and the music. Because life is about the intersection of these things. These seemingly unimportant things are the things that we remember. So on Dads On Tap, we use these conversations to bridge the gap between all these seemingly unimportant moments in life and use them to create lasting memories for our kids.

This monologue was originally published as part of the Dads On Tap podcast (Season 2 Episode 03). If you are a dad, have a dad, or know a dad make sure to check it out and let me know what you think.


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