Even though we had a complete tiring day and dreamt about how we’ll fall asleep once we get in the bed, the brain does not allow us to fall asleep. This might not appear too often, but there are people who spend all of their nights like this and they are called insomniacs. Not getting enough sleep is very bad for the health. Medications are the only solution, well according to most people. However, there are some unconventional tricks which can help you get proper sleep.

This is the pose people who can’t sleep land up. They wander lost in in their own world trying to feel OK, but they are not OK.

  • You can tub your hand gently and slowly with the fingers as you are falling asleep. This induction has a positive mindset deprived of all the negativities. Repeatedly perform the action and you will fall asleep quickly.
  • When you are sleepless you stare at the ticking clock, pondering over to get up early. However, sleep cannot find its place here, merely centering the brain to get up in the morning rather than sleeping well. Avoid doing this.
  • Humming may sound awkward, but it has traces from yoga and meditation. This is a very simple technique that involves breathing out of the mouth, trying to hum in the whole breath, focus on the sound, how it vibrates in the chest over 6 breaths, and then sit quietly. Tell your mind that it is ready to sleep.
  • Alternate nostril breathing is a very effective technique. So, when you are in your bed, lay on the left side, cover the right nostril and slowly breathe away through the left nostril. The blood pressure will be reduced and will help you fall asleep sooner.
  • Another useful technique is rubbing the hollow portion at the top of your ear. This is a sensitive pressure point that can make you fall asleep when rubbed.
  • Self-hypnosis is a technique discovered by a German psychiatrist and is familiar by the name Autogenic training. It includes repeating a certain script making you go into a state of relaxation and fall asleep.
  • According to science, rolling the eyes 3 times exhibits and releases the sleep hormone melatonin.
  • The major reason why people can’t fall asleep is due to anxiety. You can dip your face in ice cold water for 30 seconds and then discover that you have refreshed yourself. This will help you fall asleep.
  • Researchers have proven that blowing bubbles enhances and relaxes breathing. The floating bubbles are very soothing for the eyes.
  • In order to get out of insomnia force yourself to stay awake. There is a shift of emotions from being anxious to being dedicated to sleep.


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