“Two are better than one” but “groups do wonders”. This is the sole reason why associations have been there since civilization. However, these associations are created to serve different purposes. In logistics, there are various parties that are involved but the greatest work is done by freight forwarders. These are the people entrusted to ensure that they facilitate the shipments of goods from one point (country of origin) to the other point (destination country). They are located one country and hence they need to liaise with each other in order to ensure that goods from suppliers/ merchants reach the intended customers.

Due to the complicated nature of the logistics sector, freight forwarders have joined hands and formed associations that help them counter the challenges that they face which include;

· Lack of transparency among themselves.

· Fraud in the industry

· Increased cost of shipping goods.

· Lack of trust amongst themselves

· Delayed deliveries

· Lack of accountability among members

· Communication barriers.

Despite all these challenges, freight forwarders have worked tirelessly to ensure that their customers get their goods at their desired time and in good condition. To ensure that freight forwarders achieve their dreams of being the best by offering quality and timely services, TMX Freight Forwarders Association has been developed. This will be the First Blockchain Empowered Association on the globe. Freight Forwarders will have the TMX Blockchain Logistics Decentralized Application (DApp) that they will use during the shipment of goods. The TMX Freight Forwarders Association will help the solve the challenges faced by;

· Enhancing transparency between the TMX Freight Forwarders Association members since all the transactions will be recorded in the DApp. These records are not subject to change by any party but can be retrieved for reference.

· The records will help to reduce fraud since the cannot be tampered with hence sealing all the loopholes that encourage some vices that lead to fraud.

· The Freight Forwarders will save while using the DApp since there will be reduced costs of keeping records and administration.

· A record of Freight Forwarder activities will be available on the DApp. This will increase the trust amongst themselves since one’s activities are subject to scrutiny hence the best will always stand out.

· Freight forwarders in the TMX Freight Forwarders Association will be able to trace the exact geographical location of their shipment. This will help reduce the tension caused by delayed shipments.

· Accountability of shipments by members of the TMX Freight Forwarders Association using the TMX DApp will be enhanced since the goods will be traced back at any point.

· Members of TMX Freight Forwarders Association will enjoy a common communication platform where they can have private talks on the TMX DApp.

· A general meeting for all Freight Forwarders will be held annually. This will cement the relationships between members and increase trust between them.

· A newsletter and other publications will be available to members that will inform them on various news and information they need to be aware of.

· A subsidized annual fee of $1000 for every member that is pocket friendly

· In cases of disputes between the members, TMX Freight Forwarders Association reacts quickly and has put in place various mechanisms to solve the dispute fairly.

Its is crystal clear that TMX Freight Forwarders Association will be of great significance to the Freight Forwarders. Using the TMX DApp will help them solve the challenges they are facing and thus earning more trust between the member. They will also increase their returns and create a larger customer base. Joining the Association is easy since one registers on and gets to enjoy one year of free membership.