Technology keeps us moving. This is sole reason that TMX Forwarders Association has been created and is ready to take you as a Freight forwarder to the next level by using Blockchain Technology. TAFF is an association aimed at sustaining member practices and anticipating the needs of members to make them the best and benefit while maintaining the best quality services. The associations vision is to support their members globally with a mission to represent, support and harmonize all the members by providing the best quality and professional services. Once you join the association, there are various benefits that you will enjoy which include:

a) Ready in-build market

TMX Forwarders Association is based on the TMX Blockchain Logistics which will use a decentralized App (DApp) that is based on Blockchain technology and which will use a common currency (TMX Global Coin). This will help all the members to acquire customers on the platform and engage them to facilitate their shipments hence a ready market is there for them to reap from.

b) Democratic association

Every freight forwarder has a say in the association since Blockchain technology will help in vetting new members and blacklisting rogue members through a super majority vote by the entire network members. This minimize disputes and increase member co-operations thus enhancing logistics

c) Balanced agent network

Every member is connected to other members from other countries. Members in the association will be in a position to interact with other members in other countries. This will help to generate trust and co-operation through the network thus balancing the agent network.

d) High caliber members

Before a member joins the network, they are highly vetted to ensure that they are in a position to accomplish their duties and thus only high caliber members will be allowed to join the network.

e) Network management

When a number of people are involved in a certain system, some of them portray character that are not desired and this will create conflict. The TMX Forwarders Associations is designed to handle such issues by offering solutions that will be fair to all and solve the disputes.

f) Performance audit

Every Freight Forwarder in the network is tasked and their role is defined. This means that all freight forwarders who are not active are subject to question and hence their membership in question and thus subject to discussion and can be removed from the association. This makes sure that everyone contributes for the mutual benefit in the association.

g) Unified network scaling

TMX Forwarders Association offers a unified network for all freight forwarders to connect with each other through the blockchain technology.

h) Quality assurance

Every member is assured to get the best from the platform and hence reaping the benefits of being in a Blockchain platform

i) Private member chat

Any member at the network can chat privately with any other member and thus enhancing transactions and partnership which in the long run transform the logistics sector through blockchain technology.

j) Annual general meeting

Communication takes it all and the freight forwarders are in apposition to do it willingly in the platform. However other features such as glooming, posture, body language and personal presentation enhances it and thus a general meeting will be conducted to deliver this.

k) E-newsletter and regular updates

Everyone news to keep updated on the on goings and thus a newsletter is published and regular updates generated to ensure that everyone is at pace with the association and does not miss any point or at any instance.

By joining the TMX Freight Forwarders Association, you get to enjoy the blockchain technology and thus enjoy the above benefits. Also you enjoy an year of free membership once you join.