O2 Gurus at the Mockingjay: pt 2 premiere in Berlin

The challenge

What if there was a way to reward O2 customers and increase awareness of O2’s great service to non-customers?

The idea

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 was coming to Berlin, an event we knew would attract fans in their thousands, as well as lots of media attention, including TV coverage.

We arranged for the Gurus on Tour in the O2 Guru truck to be positioned in a prime spot, right on the red carpet, with a cordoned-off area for 140 fans. The fans had won their places through a raffle before the event on owned and paid channels.

The O2 Gurus were on hand to conduct personal interviews with the stars before the premiere on the red carpet, interviews with fans and to give away tickets, supporting the TV host ‘Steven’.

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The Results

  • 3.8 Million TV Viewers
  • 190,000 Videos Views online
  • 200,000 Facebook Live Streaming Views
  • TV Spot before the event in exclusive formats such as the blockbuster Hunger Games Part 2
  • More than 1 Mio Online and Social Impressions
  • Countless appearances in worldwide press clippings
  • More than 6.000 Fans on the Ground
  • 200 Visitors at the O2 Truck
  • More than 100 happy Fans in the O2 Fan Area
  • 40 even happier O2 Customers with VIP Tickets including Aftershow Party
  • And the most exclusive O2 Guru Truck Tour Stop ever!
  • Hundreds of press column inches and media interest, especially in worldwide coverage on TV and online

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