WEBexpo is now Forwardslash. Here’s what happened.

Looking back, we were always looking ahead.

Over the past few years we continually turned our thought process inward. Our goal?

Define exactly what we stand for and how to deliver maximum value to clients.

Our clients expect us to think beyond a project’s specs. They need us to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, and design a solution that makes success simple.

To deliver that value, we have been refining and improving on three points:

> Real Solutions 
We work for people, not portfolios. Instead of selling development or design, we focus on solutions that make our clients more successful.

> Smart people
Our best new talents obsess over every feature to contribute to the endgame, and at each phase know how elements affect the greater strategy.
> Proven process 
We documented what went right or wrong with every project and implemented a process that ensures we deliver value on a consistent basis, and go from kickoff to handoff timely and efficiently.

Now that we know, it feels right to share.

After so much hard work to perfect this value system, we are ready to introduce the identity that communicates it.
Time to retire WEBexpo and introduce Forwardslash!

Our new identity conveys our brand pillars

As we introduce our new brand we thank our clients for their trust and the opportunity their project provided. 
Let’s keep moving full force forward! 
Your partner and friend, 
Joseph, Sholom, and the entire team at ForwardSlash