Is It Live

As some may have noticed, the old ways of increasing your reach through Facebook and frankly all of the other notable social media platforms has changed. If you’re not utilizing Live Video, then reaching your targeted audience organically has become more challenging. It’s always been interesting to see how much more reach and attention your live videos receive than just a regular text or image post. If you ever wondered why then here’s a quick overview of how the major social networks respond to live video streams.

Facebook Live videos are recorded typically from your smartphone and you’re able to save the video after it’s recorded. Those videos can be saved and exported to other locations and repurposed. If you haven’t noticed, there’s now a live stream button on Twitter which essentially just opens up Periscope, so you can go live. Now your Periscope broadcasts are embeddable so that you can save them once your broadcast has ended.

Similar to SnapChat, but better in some ways you can utilize video through the new feature in Instagram called Stories.Now you can share aspects of your business, behind the scenes, sneak previews or a quick thought and news with your fans in real time. These videos can be saved and reposted to your timeline right there within the app itself. As previously mentioned, Snapchat allows you share your ideas, thoughts, and activities with your fans and allows you to share them.

Finally, YouTube now has live streaming and you can embed live streams while they’re happening. After the live broadcast is over, your video will then be archived on your channel. There are so many benefits that can affect your reach on social media through the use of live video, both immediate and over time. Utilize video editing software like Apple FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premier, as well as others. It can truly be a useful tool to add to your social media toolbox.

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