The Miracle of

i met my cofounder in college

it was quickly obvious how well we worked together

so we decided to make it official

we incorporated in delaware

and soon began ideating

our first few attempts failed

but finally an idea stuck

after 20 weeks we shared a beta version

and after 9 months we launched our minimum viable product

we made sure to post about it on product hunt

after launch we encountered several bugs

and were often up all night responding to complaints and requests

we fought a lot because of the stress

but seeing our startup grow made it all worth it

we were so excited to go through y combinator

as time went on we learned the fundamentals

and began to meet important benchmarks

as our startup continued to grow

we encountered scaling issues

a few early partnership opportunities arose

but we thought they were mostly a waste of resources

we were focused on our startup pitching to vcs

we talked to several of the top firms*

and luckily one gave us a lot of money to keep going

before long, so many people were involved in our startup

we sometimes felt like it wasn’t even our company anymore

and when our startup accepted an acquisition offer

our exit was bittersweet

we were very proud of what we had accomplished

…and though we never built a new startup…

taking on advisor roles was a lot of fun

* let me guess, your school was not on here. sorry, the name was probably too long.

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