“Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land.”

The above lines are true in context to birth to Open Source Community in our College.The idea context of conducting such an event came up to me after attending two MCR(Mozilla Community Rajasthan Events) ie Wingdings and GIT Maker Party.

It was there,I went along to meet cool Mozillian Reps especially Ram Dayal,Varun Kaushik,Osho Parth and Trishul Goel.Understanding the gravity of fruitfullness of such an Open Source culture,which Mozilla has evolved,I was amazed and decided to conduct an event at my college.

Conducting an event requires a lot of planning,financial support,team support and many more.But under this,only planning was essential and I was mentored by the reps for the smooth conductance of event.

There were few events conducted before the DDay ie 12th April 2015.The event was in form of a quiz about Open Source on our facebook page.The winner of quiz was Jai Goyal.It was clearly stated that the buzz of Open Source has spreaded through Mozilla in our college.

The Main Event:

mozilla,open source

BootCamp’s agenda revolved across three main parts firstly knowledge of Open Source and how Mozilla promotes Open Source,secondly an introduction to Github and finally a bugsquad session,which aimed at solving easy-first bugs.

This event was mentored by Ram Dayal Vaishnav and Osho Parth.Osho Parth finally managed to come to event,thanks to him besides his recent wake from surgery.His coming was surely a great support to us.

Besides me,Ashish Singh and Utsav Bhagat were also the main part in management of the event.

The event started with formal introduction of event and speakers.The speakers were Osho Parth,Shivam Dixit and Utkarsh Pyne.


The introduction to Open Source was given by me and how Mozilla promotes Open Source.The slides of presentation of mine are shared in Google Drive.Link This was followed by contribution to codebase of Mozilla.The slides of it are here.


Then,our main speaker and Mozilla representative, Osho Parth used small stories and instances of life to explain the effect of open source. Then explained the role of Mozilla in the same, also discussed about the contribution verticals too.


Then,Shivam Dixit(Google Summer of Code 2014),gave talk on git and its involvement in coding.

During the talk,interactiveness among students was great and also he performed hands on session which was a huge plus.

During git session,a question was raised on encryption and code conservation in git.A nice briefing answer was given by our senior,Utkarsh Pyne.This talk also prevailed on MozLNMIIT facebook page for a while.

The event was a success amidst good strength of crowd and we finally curtained the event by presenting swags.

Some pics of it are: