MarketPlaceDay Jaipur

It is with great pleasure and proud, we present you the second version of Marketplace Day in Jaipur, following its predecessor in Hyderabad. It happened on August 1, 2015 at The LNMIIT, Jaipur overnight extending to August 2, 2015 morning, organized under Mozilla Community Rajasthan.

The event not only encompassed hacking, but also fun and entertain part. The slogan was “Code, Eat, Fun, Repeat!”. It was great to have over 40 participants and 6 volunteers and they were curated on the basis of applications.

Let’s start !

As per our planned agenda, we officially kickstarted the MarketplaceDay with the introduction of participants , volunteers and Mozilla Representatives (Trishul Goel, Ram Dayal Gurumukhi, Osho Parth and Lavish Aggarwal).

After the introduction, Trishul Goel gave some thoughts to Mozilla and its Open Source Mission, including the role of Firefox Student Ambassadors, Mozillans and Representatives.

This was followed by Ram, who gave some brief insights to different contribution verticals like Codebase, Localization, WebMaker and App Development. The most exciting part and learning one was the presentation of Firefox Os and its development.

This was enough to make the participants curious.

We also had more ice-breaker sessions, like AliBaba and 40 Thieves and untangling yourself and form a circle :).

After introduction and Fun session, the volunteers gave the information of structure of Marketplace and threw some light on fireplace and zamboni.

But everything requires git, so Lavish Sir, then gave the presentation on git and we did experiment on dummy repository and learnt to fork, clone, upstream, merge, code, push and pull :). [Circle of Git].

This was followed by Ram and Trishul Sir, clearing doubts of the participants.

Along with git, bugzilla and irc were discussed. We collaborated on #marketplaceday on for discussion with other marketplace developers.

Bugzilla and use of bugs ahoy was great one too.

After these session, clock struck 9.30. So now, Time for dinner. It took place in Guest House of college.Here is selfie during dinner :) —

me with Trishul,Lavish,Ram and Osho Sir.

After dinner, we finally got to some serious discussion about fireplace and zamboni and it’s file structure. All the details are embedded in the MoPad. Link is :

After overview of fireplace and zamboni, the first bugs to be squashed were of fireplace. Everyone built fireplace and started working on issues. It was glad to know that many issues were reported too. And with that report, they fixed it also.

There were multiple bugs targetted , 9 patches submitted and 5 Bugs reported.

Among 9 patches, 5 were merged and 2 out of 5 bugs were verified.

It was a awesome one. :)

To encourage more, there were all night snack and caffeine for the participants and volunteers.

The event finally concluded at 7 am in the morning, with over 12 hours of hacking by concluding breakfast. Swags and stickers were distributed to bug solvers and issue reporters by Osho Parth Sir. The most patches solved was done by Shahbaz Alam(2 issues solved.)


After the close, follow up plans were made to conduct more sessions like this and include more contributors to hack on marketplace.

Thanks Mozilla and Mozilla Representatives especially Trishul, Ram , Osho and Lavish Sir for coming and guiding us to contribute to Mozilla.

Words are more, but after everything is described , some part is always left….

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