Special Interest Groups ( Initiative by Mozilla Community Rajasthan )

Mozilla Community Rajasthan have always been a budding, amazing part of Mozilla. It comprises of cool mentors and participants from all over Rajsthan coming from different domains of studies and colleges. The family just gets more bigger and bigger with advent of new events in all paths of Mozilla Contributions, be it Codebase, Webmaker, AppDev or WoMoz. The warm feeling of having more people in the family is always a treat, and all the community members joined together to welcome the new, exciting and passionate youngsters into the team.

To get more contributors onboard, we have decided to start a new initiative completely guided under Mozilla Reps, Trishul Goel, Ram Dayal Gurumukhi and Osho Parth, to start a Special Interest Group :) .

What is SIG ?

  • SIGs are groups of individuals within the MCR who have a particular interest (focus) in a specific area of the Mozilla project (eg. Coding, Localization, Support, QA, Marketplace etc). These groups are created to enable contributors to focus on developing specific skills and work more closely with experienced contributors for those projects.
  • These groups will act as key drivers to on-board and help new volunteers to contribute to those projects they are particularly interested in.
  • This will also be helpful in recognizing the awesome contributors as keeping track of contributions will become easier.

Under SIG, we have mainly four verticals under which newer and existing contributors are clubbed :-

  • Webmaker SIG
  • App Dev SIG
  • CodeBase SIG
  • WoMoz SIG
  • Engagement SIG (umbrella covering all mentors of SIG)

Why Bother ?

Rewards are many but to mark few.

  • Awesome and Learning way to start your open Source Contribution.
  • Getting more involved solving real problems and developing vibrant open source product based upon your ideas.
  • Interact with more cool people and learn more newer technologies and management skills.
  • Realize the importance of yours and increase your learning status by contributing towards the whole society.
  • Rewards in form of swags are always assured. :) :D

Hence, to interact with other awesome contributors in your and other verticals, be sure to mark your presence by filling the SIG mentees forms. The link for the form is : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-H3zYc4v7CktFvpeNiAgL7q1joOHwOvBUIJDxYO8Da0/viewform

If you are unable to select which vertical you want to go with, select yourself as a newbie. We will be conducting events all across Rajasthan, for which mail will be sent, be sure to take part.

Please Note: Next blog will for What is Codebase SiG ?

Please feel free to drop mail if any concern at mozlnmiit@gmail.com .


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