Ways to Cherish Your Baby during First Year

Foster Bagwell
Sep 29, 2017 · 3 min read

Babies are great. They are lovable and cute, and we don’t want to miss the moments of closeness and happiness related to those moments. But, the parents, sometimes, forget about the ways they can cherish their babies in their first year. This cherishing is not only good for the parents as they are going to have the sweet memories of these moments, but it can also help in proper grooming of babies.

Good news is that there is nothing intensive that parents have to do in order to cherish the moments with their babies. It’s all about changing thoughts and overcoming unknown and baseless fears.

There are some things that you need to take into consideration here.

Asking for help is a not a bad thing

Some parents think that they only show incompetence when they ask someone for help. Parenting the first baby is not easy given there are a lot of thing moms do not know about. So, asking for help can be in many aspects, and it is not bad. You can ask for some tips from experienced parents, or you can ask some close relative to come over on the weekend and give you a helping hand in the task which you couldn’t complete due to your new engagement.

Babies need your presence instead of a lot of stuff

Basic things with colorful patterns can be hung upon the place where baby lies, but it’s the wrong idea to bring a lot of stuff in front of the baby. Baby would know about playing. What’s more valuable for the baby is your presence. Furthermore, spending a lot of money to buy a lot of baby clothes is not a wise thing to do. The babies grow pretty quickly, and what you would have bought would be of no use. So, the easy way is to buy some used clothes which you can donate afterwards. This, you will get your baby’s needs fulfilled while you will also be able to save a lot of money.

Don’t be a fan of competitive parenting

This one is the biggest mistake that most of the parents make. Your child has his own natural traits and talents which you need to polish, but you should even think about it in the early years. The only thing babies require in the early years is attention and love. You should give a lot of attention to your babies and focus on staying connected with them. The child will start identifying his own perspective in the later part of his life, so don’t worry about it and don’t get obsessed with the kids who start to pick things quite early.

Connect baby physically using babywear

This one is the most cherishing activity the parents can do. Staying connected with the baby consistently and noticing the patterns of his actions before demands and expression of pleasure is the real fun. This is the reason that mothers are often advised to wear the babies. The major advantage of babywear is that it allows the parents to work on any task with the peace of mind while keeping the baby closer.

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