“My Instagram is like my CV — it speaks for me.” — Marita Eriksson

Started as a hobby 2 years ago, Marita is doing what makes her happy and trying to make a world a better place with plant-based food. Her Instagram is an inspiring place with recipes that you immediately want and more importantly easily CAN do at home.

The first question that we had was of course how to do high-quality pictures and style the food?

“Practice, practice and practice”- says Marita smiling, “I have done billions of food pics during these years”. Of course good pics require a good camera but Marita tells:

“I have a lot of them taken on my iphone 7 — phone cameras are really good right now. I have a tripod and I have also a home-made reflector. You just have to be creative, behind the pics also.”

There are many food bloggers and instagramers, how do you define yourself?

“I always try to create my own look there. So when someone sees my pic he/she already knows that this is Marita’s pic. For example, I decorate smoothie bowls with my own swirls and I have my certain backgrounds. Many elements create my style.”

Who inspires you?

So WHAT is different in marketing in Finland?

  • I feel that companies are approaching bloggers and instagramers more, in Finland it’s really hard to get collaborations with companies
  • When you don’t have a food BLOG, companies are not that interest in working with you

“If you not a superstar blogger whom everyone knows you have to push it and contact a lot of companies.”

How much time do you spend on your IG and what personal tips you can give?

  • I post at least 5 times a week
  • I have a day of cooking and photographing in a week + I do it whenever I have time in the evening
  • Be patient, nothing comes without work

What ADVICE can you give to a person who is doing social media marketing?

“It doesn’t work if you are trying to sell something. When you are giving the followers something beneficial — it works.”

Want to read more about her? Find the interview with Marita in the ELLE Finland Issue where she was cooking and styling the food + 3 recipes.


We are looking forward organizing a series of lectures where business owners, marketing professionals, and influencers will teach you marketing techniques, social media tricks and you will have a chance to apply all that knowledge during the workshop. Want to know first? Write us — info@fosterfor.com.


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