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Sean Foster
Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash

In 2019, I hope to write one poem a day. I will publish one a week on Medium as a work in progress. Hope you enjoy!

Sumer Wheat

We lost our way without torches
in the wheat, but we made it
by feeling.

Each grain brushed our arms
and their hairs sideways,
telling a story of Sumer,
and a great, wandering bear.

His baby brother was lost there too,
and there was beer,
and life processes.

We lost our way in the wheat;
we were growth.
We were bubbles.

We were just fizz
in the fields,
taking care not to trip,
but slowing the trip.

We increased the growth of our own shadows,
and those of bears, eyes gazing
long and upwards.

It was high noon in our minds —
slowed, but quickened.
Paced, but thickened.

We ended breathless, in a thicket,
little deaths in tangled branches,
sparrows legs caught by passing raptors —
was that a digit?
Or all five?

Who’s hand stretched
around that whole shadow —
or was it a paw —
more bear than man?

We went and we came to the wheat,
in the wheat without torches,
we came and we went.

— s.m.f. 4.2.19

Sean Foster

Written by

Visual Thinker. Cincinnati.

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