Sounds cynical, but it’s all about the money

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Capitalism means finding ways to monetise any situation.

And Corporates are operating in strange times.

They can now make decisions which previously weren’t possible.

I used to work on measurement programmes for two Corporates who were the largest digital ad spenders in the world.

Both of these companies have recently pulled their ad spends on Facebook and Instagram in the US.

The reason has been cited as a withdrawal of support for platforms doing nothing to stop the spread of racial hate language and misinformation.

Whilst I commend these organisations, I also remain cynical based on what I know from…

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A poetic vantage point from the balcony

And other thoughts about women and sex

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The Pleasure Is Ours.

I sat down to watch Episode 3 of Gwyneth Paltrow’s The Goop Lab on Netflix.

Featuring Betty Dodson. A feisty 90 year-old sex coach from New York.

Oh my!

I was not expecting that.

I’ve always considered myself sexually open and non-prudish. But this episode got me thinking about my attitude toward sex and the female body.

It revealed some surprising truths.

Betty Dodson sits comfortably naked.

She is surrounded by circle of equally starkers women.

Up until her 50’s, Betty believed she had a deformed lady-garden. …

A messed up ending to a messed up relationship

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I wanted out.


And I was prepared to do anything for it.

But in hindsight?

Writing a petition against myself. On the grounds of unreasonable behavior and emailing it to my ex to file.

It’s one of my least proud life moments.

I’d been married for less than two years.

But by this point, there were multiple issues in our relationship.

I blamed my ex. It was his fault for pushing me away.

I wasn’t prepared to accept responsibility for my own behavior.

I’d not learnt that whilst its possible to manipulate people, you can’t change their deeply embedded…

When you start looking, you’ll realise they’re everywhere

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Growing up, I never believed in angels.

Let alone guardian angels — energies continually looking out for us — making sure we follow the right path. Gently guiding us through life.

Ensuring we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

When I was 14, my Godmother, Jo, died.

At the time of course I was sad. My way of dealing with it was to get drunk for the first time. I didn’t give any thought about what’d happened to her essence.

Over the years, my memories of Jo remained fond. She gave the best Christmas presents. …

Simple strategies that helped me ease my over-worrying

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This week I’ve moved country with minimal fuss.

From the UK to Colombia.

Two years ago, the thought of this would’ve crippled me.

I’ve left behind the familiar. My native language, family and friends.

And I’ve ported my life to the other side of the world. I’ve moved into a new apartment and tomorrow I start a new job.

If I think back to who I was a few years ago, my anxiety would’ve gone into overdrive. This kind of change would have struck almighty fear into me.

For weeks ahead of the move, it would’ve played constantly on my…

It’s not overindulgence giving you the January Blues

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By 12th day of Christmas, my Higher Self gave to me…

…12 yuletide flashbacks, 11 disagreements, 10 gift disasters, nine nights of nightmares, eight days of reflux, seven stomach upsets, six slight hangovers.

Five lost things.

Four friends in strife, three car dramas, two feuding families and one self inflicted injury.

If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family

Just before Christmas, the world lost Ram Dass. As online accolades followed, I saw this quote. It stuck in my head for the duration of the holidays.

And I’ve been reflecting on it a lot since.


How a book brought me freedom and helped me realise my goals

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I’ve always wanted to live and work abroad.

But I forgot this was my goal for a decade or so.

It’s easy to get into the groove and forget your dreams.

Forgetting affects us all.

Forgetting who we really are. Forgetting what makes us tick. Forgetting what we want.

So I’ve spent the last few years remembering.

I created time and space to consider who I am and what I want.

To do this, I had to take a break from the everyday. From the familiar, mundane and numbing.

But I had a book to help me.

I lived and…

Two years and $25k on a failed app versus a few hours and a compelling story…

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In the age of information, reach and engagement are everything.

The internet’s a busy place. There’s a lot of noise. So you have to be relevant.

It’s hard to capture people’s eyeballs.

It’s even harder to get their focus as we fight for attention.

So if you have an important message to share, knowing how and where to talk to your audience is critical.

I learned this the hard and expensive way.

And I should have known better.

I describe myself as a digital native.

I’ve worked in digital marketing for some of the worlds largest advertisers and brands over…

There’s never been a better time to vote with my heart

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You cannot perpetuate growth on a finite planet

— Jeremy Caddick, Green Party UK Representative

We all know humanity’s facing a crisis.

Climate change, biodiversity loss and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

This crisis impacts every aspect of life and the choices we make as a society.

In December, the UK votes for a new Government.

It’s the first time I feel excited about a General Election.

Because my vote is for a truly social manifesto.

One that puts the greater good of Earth and society ahead of GDP and growth.

I see a genuine opportunity…

Lucy Foster

Living a conscious life, nomadic student of the Universe, mentor, healer, creator, at your service.

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