Sorry to say this, but adderall and meth aren’t the same thing.
Disability Science Review

I can’t believe this article came from someone working on their Ph.D in Neural Science… I’m sorry if this is mean, or comes across with disrespect, but it may be necessary to put it this way, so later on, you make sure every fact that you publish in any academic article that you write, is fact checked. Adderall, is amphetamine. You’re right about decongestant as the levo isomer of meth, it’s also used sparingly for allergies that cause difficulty breathing, and asthma. It dilates your lungs, expansion, allowing it to retain more oxygen at once — as well as the uptake potential of oxygen. Dextro-amphetamine is the isomer that passes the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) to cause psychological effects, rather than [many] physiological effects. There is no ‘regular’ “amphetamine” with no isomer.

It treats ADHD through the SAME EXACT mechanism of action on the dopamine receptors/transporters. Amphetamine is methylated once, but we call it simple “Amphetamine” and saved the METH in methamphetamine, for the double methylated amphetamine brother. Please, research what you’re going to talk about, rather than pull assumptions from 1 article based on something they didn’t even actually say.

Just because it didn’t say anything about amphetamine crossing the BBB, but methamphetamine crossing very very easily, and in much more concentration, causing such power psychological alterations, does not mean amphetamine doesn’t cross too!

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