HustlaBall Awards 2016 — Official Statement

Hello all,

My name is Fostter Riviera and I am Executive Producer of HustlaBall Awards 2016, alike the year before, 2015. In my personal name and representative of Fostter Riviera Productions co-producer of this year’s edition and I need to express this very important communication.

I want to share with all of you, that I am privately going through a hard time, that have undeniable reflection on my professional life as well.

Yes, I admit that this year has been a very controversy year and drastic for the organization of the awards show, and for that I must apologize to all of you, actors studios and others, for the massive disappointment that this year has become.
I have not been publicly speaking over the subject because I needed to thin, once all started furious and understandable attacks over my person and my integrity, that I rather don't comment.

I have not been contact from anyone, and I start getting notice, by third-parties.
However is my duty to inform that no studio or producer, director, or even the event itself HustlaBall Berlin, had influence or anything to do with the voting system.

In fact nobody had, but the fact that our server has received more than 16.000 cyber attacks, like I express on the event, the fact that last weeks a lot of partners have been jumping out of the team, and ending being me alone on the stage, with a super nervous attitude.

In stage everything can happen, and this year goes to me, and I will accept all the guilty, at the end, was only my responsibility only to organize it, and for the price of nothing, because I thought that I could love this industry more than no one. And now I have the same industry against me.

About the voting screenshots, and all that information that is being shared all over the internet, I can only comment, that I was informed from the same person that send that to me weeks before the event.

While the technicians were fixing it, the server was being under aggressive attacks to delete all the data, e almost was all erased. After weeks the server has been recovered by the technicians of the company that host it, and recover through one of the backups, the database where I was able export, was the information that you saw as list of the winners.

At this moment is being held an inspection to all the data, and the main task is to understand why data that we still not know the veracity of, was shown on our property online, and just in the case that this data came from external sources on force way to install the panic.

I would like to apologise in advance to all in advance for the stress and disappointment that may have caused to anyone. However this is a situation that is being under careful analyse and will be explained or if necessary solved.

At last but not least, I want to express my sincerity apologies to all the visitants of the event, that had seen the worst time of my life on stage, alone, frightened and completely without support, trying to make something that no one would do. That has no explanation and probable no forgiveness. All actor, directors, studios and professionals, I want to sincerely apologize, and let you know that I am here for everything you need.

With much respect,
Fostter Riviera