Justice , the biggest problem in today's world !!! we rely on someone too much thinking that they are the best but as time passes by they turn out to be someone we didn't even dream of . people often fight for their rights , why do they fight ?? that’s because the opposite person does not do him any justice.

we are often afraid because fighting for our rights may also lead us to some dangerous situations . people often step back by thinking of the outcomes .

they think that they might end up with “fifty shades of Grey” .

in this blog i am going to tell you how to deal with people who do you no justice .

now , the word justice is related to many many many different situations , i am going to take one situation which is very common these days . the situation of a love affair !!!!!

now i am sure that you have been through many stories and articles on love . the basic story is that a boy and a girl falls in love ….. obviously , and after some period of time they have a breakup . why ???? just because they are a fan follower of Bollywood love films ??? no , because they get a misunderstanding in between them . and also due to lag of justice .

in order to deal with such kind of situations , you need to be honest with two things !! firstly , you need to ask yourself that “did I do the wrong”

secondly , you have to ask yourself that “can i make the situation the way it was?? ” . with these two questions answered properly you can get to the “FINAL ACTION” .

you really need to be honest with these . the benefit of these are ………

if you do the wrong , then you surely have to go through a load of things , firstly an apology and also many other things that makes the broken person love you back .

answering the second question is the BIGGEST responsibility , because you have to take many daring steps . following these two will anyhow lead you to the FINAL ACTION .

which will be the FINAL ANSWER . and i know that you are matured enough to accept the truth . always remember , you have to believe in three things in order to win what you want ….. those are .

Firstly , BELIEVE in what you want

Secondly , Always keep up Hope

and last but not the least , Have Patience .

with these three things in order , you can surely can win what you love .

hope you found this helpful , thank you for reading .

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