The Essential Guide to a Stellar Design Portfolio
Nick Babich

I’m a hiring manager and have looked at dozens and dozens of portfolios over the past few months. I disagree with this theory:

“But hiring managers are less interested in the final products and more interested in how the candidate got to those products.”

I can tell in 30 seconds or so if someone has the skills by scanning the end result UI’s. I don’t know who has time to read pages of background info on multiple projects. And if the backstory looks impressive but the final result is mediocre what do we learn from that? They can talk the talk but are still not great. When you see a beautiful automobile at a car show you just know everything was done right along the way or it wouldn’t have turned out like that. I can ask questions about process later. I don’t want the distraction in the portfolio.

Also, I really hate seeing mobile UI’s on an angled fictional 3d device. It’s lipstick. Flat is perfectly fine for evaluation. Simplicity is always best.

I recognize that others are different than me and like spending lots of time looking at online portfolios but I sure don’t.