Using an IDE other than Xcode for iOS development until recently was a rather lonely path. This however tends to change with recent developments in the Apple ecosystem. Swift runs officially on Linux, Windows, AWS lambda, docker, and other places where you wouldn’t expect to find a programming language made by Apple.

Apple also wants to enable Swift to be a first-class citizen in 3rd party IDEs providing error reporting and code auto-completion. For that reason, they are developing SourceKit-LSP with plugins ready for popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code (aka VSCode).

Why would you want to use an…

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Quite a while ago I stumbled upon a certain little iPhone robot on Amazon. It seemed interesting and familiar at the same time. I recalled having seen a kickstarter campaign for that very same robot. Apparently the project had been funded and was somewhat successful and that was why I was able to find it for sale on Amazon.

After some short research I figured out that Romotive, the company behind it, didn’t exist anymore which could mean that the robot would be unsupported. Long story short, it was too intriguing to resist so order was placed.

So you are badass iOS developer that does not let down his loyal user base and maintains iOS 6 app support up to this day! Then you should publish any updates you have in mind asap! Apple has given their deadline:

Starting March 2019, all iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 12.1 SDK or later

That practically means goodbye iOS 6 support. Read along to learn why.

Hold on a minute. Why would someone support iOS 6 in 2019?

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Romo X app icon

Indeed, iOS 6 was released more than 6 years ago. It is what someone…

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In the era of voice assistants it was about time for a decent open source effort to show up. The kind folks at Mozilla implemented the Baidu DeepSpeech architecture and published the project on GitHub. Reportedly they achieve quite a low word error rate of 6.5% which is close to the human level. Nope, humans are not 100% accurate! Instead they have a 5.83% word error rate. DeepSpeech, unlike the offerings of Alexa or Google Assistant SDK, runs on-device without requiring any kind of fancy backend or internet connectivity.

As of now (v0.1) the project is supported on:

  • OS X…

MacOS Server 5.2 is a new fruit. It was released (almost) in parallel with Xcode 8 and as it might come to no surprise it is the minimum required version by Xcode 8. It is a new kind of fruit as well. Most importantly, it’s the name change. Say goodbye to OS X Server as now you have macOS Server! But changes go beyond that… While not being mentioned in the changelog the “good” old ‘_xcsbuildd’ user is now gone…

So what is this ‘_xcsbuildd’ user? It is a system user that your bots ran under up to OS X…

Last December, Zalando held its annual Hack Week which as you might guess is a week long hackathon during which teams can brainstorm and work on innovative ideas that could be beneficial for the company. This year I went for something totally geeky compared to last year which had me working on a refugee related-project. The name of it is VRify.

VRify’s purpose is to create an immersive conference call experience that allows you to communicate with your remote colleagues more efficiently. It brings geographically dispersed team-members together by utilizing cutting edge VR and AR technology to create virtual meetings…

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