Day 3 The Creative Challenge

This challenge proves more difficult than I imagined. If I am to actually come up with a new and somehow appealing photograph every day for 365 days I need to up my game. I don’t expect every image to be stunning, but this project must at least either teach me something or it have to be something that I can explore further. In order to be able to accomplish this challenge I might have to create some sort of triggers that I do at the same time every day, or I could sit down on beforehand and write down lots of ideas to execute from day to day? If anyone reading this have done this before I’m open to advice.

Day 3 of the challenge I yet again did some images with multiple exposure, but this time with the movement of snow. Since it was evening I chose to photograph snow falling near the lights of a lamppost. I both used a fast and slow shutter speed for the individual photos to freeze the snowflakes and have some with movement in the same picture. In the end I took out most of the colors in the images which gave the pictures a vintage look.