Prime Photographers Remember 2015 — Prime Pulp

I hope you enjoy this look back at some of our favorite photographs of 2015. This was a last minute idea, yet Max, Katie, Christian, Lance, and Brendan were able to share a selection of images. I’ve worked with this talented group of photographers for just under six months. It is an honor to support their work and their careers.

I am trying to boil down all the adjectives I have for the following edit of photographs. The word that comes to the top is: astonishing.

Have a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2016.

Mesquite Flat Dunes in California’s Death Valley National Park. Max Whittaker.
Whale bones in Point Hope, Alaska in May and June 2015. Katie Orlinsky.
Portrait of Guadalupe and her sister. Aboriachi community, Sierra Madre, Chihuahua. Christian Rodriguez.
A fighter who uses the name Uncle Vova, a member of the pro-Ukrainian Dnipro-1 battalion, rolls into position to fire a gun at one of the group’s bases known as The Bridge near ongoing battles for the town of Pisky in Pervomaiske, Ukraine. Brendan Hoffman.
Young Isaac Vosburg learns to care for a calf at with his older brother while their parents look on. Lance Rosenfield.
Portrait of Guadalupe and Gloria wearing traditional clothes from Oaxaca. Mexico. Christian Rodriguez.
July Elizabeth Pérez, 32, with one of her daughters, three year old Kimberly Julieth Medina, and her only living son, six year old Luis Danny Pérez, at the Hermanos en el Camino migrant shelter in Ciudad Ixtepec, Mexico. Pérez and her family were forced to flee Honduras after her 14-year-old son Anthony Jalibeth Pacheco was murdered by gangs last year. Katie Orlinsky.
Children climb on a tank painted with the colors of the Ukrainian flag during Victory Day commemorations in Kiev, Ukraine. Brendan Hoffman.
The Antelope convict crew watch as the Butte Fire approaches their fire line near San Andreas, California, Max Whittaker.
Horses run past Dr. Zach Vosburg as he tries to single one out for a physical check. Lance Rosenfield.
A vehicle transporting 12 undocumented migrants is pulled over in La Joya near MCallen, Texas on the US-Mexico border. Katie Orlinsky.
Dani Bulot, left, and Dwayne Edwards, center, dance in front of City Hall after the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Max Whittaker.
The Belarus Free Theatre performs at a secret location in Minsk, Belarus. The underground theater group operates in defiance of hardline authorities, with blatantly political and otherwise controversial subject matter, which has in the past lead to police raids on performances, arrests of members, and for its founders to go into exile. Brendan Hoffman.
Blue chicken in Tecojcoyunga, heart of the mountains in Guerrero, Mexico. Christian Rodriguez.

Originally published at on December 31, 2015.

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