So called Freelancing

Thanks for the article Navaneeth.

I recently quit a fulltime job to start freelancing as a creative. At the time the decision was easy to make as I felt trapped inside that office and losing motivation and creativity everyday. So I left rather sudden because I was getting miserable and thus started freelancing. I had pictured it to be fulfilling, give me more freedom and motivation to create stuff for myself that held no commercial value.
It’s now been 4 months and I’m starting to panic. I’m confident that I made the right decision to leave my office job, but I now have to deal with the anxiety in my head asking myself “Are you good enough to be a freelancer? Are you actually able to do it?”
It’s a struggle and I feel like giving up at times, but I wouldn’t know what to do instead. Thanks for the insights you shared with us. I will have to continue down this road for a little more to see if I can actually do this.


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