Blockchain Insurance Platform — GRE — has invested in the Singaporean FinTech project Jupiter to jointly create inclusive finances for the masses.

The next step for Global Risk Exchange (GRE) is to build up a global blockchain based insurance ecosystem. On the 15th of July, GRE and Singaporean based FinTech company Jupiter Chain officially signed an investment cooperation agreement.

FinTech is currently expanding rapidly. How to merge new technology with existing models to unleash greater potential is a path of exploration and implementation that both GRE and Jupiter Chain are both strongly committed to. Jupiter Chain is dedicated to creating a smart constable data exchange that is approved by the owners and holders of the data. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods combined with blockchain technology to carry out reformation in the field of data asset allocation. GRE fully recognizes their enormous development potential. Therefore, recently GRE invested in Jupiter with RISK tokens. Thereby, also further expanding the global distribution of the RISK token economy.

Today’s financial services are largely made up of standardized products catered to the ordinary needs of the public. This has meant that financial products that are provided to the consumer are unable to completely match with individual requirements. The global race to utilize technology to create customized financial services has begun.

With the same principals that GRE uses to provide professional customizable blockchain insurance services, Jupiter Chain integrates users massive and unorganized data, and packages them them along with personal credentials into blockchain based credible assets. Thereby letting people both posses and have control over their own data. In addition, to being able to provide that data and receive returns directly. As well as, being able to be used to tailor financial products and services to individuals. Thereby, realizing the goal of generalizing financial benefits.

GRE has seen the highly effective reformation prospects of Jupiter Chain on the financial industry through using data analysis and blockchain technology, as well as the business layout that is highly compatible with GRE’s development philosophy. After this investment process has been completed, the cooperation between the two parties will be take to all new heights.

It is understood that GRE will first work deeply with Jupiter Chain on the level of construction and operation of user communities. While at the same time also establishing a token economy swift connection. In addition, to planning to further deepen its communication around public relations, global strategic planning, and FinTech expansion in Greater China.

GRE is continuously expanding its global portfolio of investments and services. This investment in Jupiter Chain means that RISK tokens are not only used for trades on the platform, but also that they have been widely acknowledged as valuable at both the level of use and circulation.