Me, A Chill Girl With No Feelings
Gabbi Boyd

Nice work Gabbi… your article put a smile on my face this morning.

Been there, done that… on both sides of the coin. To be honest, I like a little bit of crazy in my partners. Not the ‘burn all your clothes on the front lawn’ sort of crazy. I like the passionate, spin on a dime, leap with closed eyes sort of crazy. When that is the fuel in the tank of a ‘consensual emotional relationship’, it’s a wonderful thing, yet, it can be a potentially explosive and highly flammable mix at times. I guess that’s part of the appeal for me.

I think the key is (for me anyway) is a partner with a little bit of crazy, that can also ‘chill’ and communicates (both talks and listens).

Re: post relationship — providing she’s not holding my favorite pair of jeans to ransom with a lighter and lighter fluid, what does it cost to listen? I have many crazy ex’s that are now wonderful friends.

By a heterosexual man getting his chill sorted.