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On Episode 3 I’m joined by a friend I haven’t connected with since high school, Claude Kershner IV. Claude is a husband and dad, managing a successful business and now living through what every parent fears the most — the illness of their child.

Claude was kind enough to open up about the experience of being divorced, remarrying, sharing custody and how he and his family have been dealing with his 4-year old daughter’s leukaemia diagnosis and treatment. We touch upon guiding principles, faith and family, and most importantly — the strength he found in his daughter’s uncanny positive attitude facing a potentially grave disease.

The conversation is heavy and their story inspirational. Highlights can be found in comments

Thank you Claude

Best Bits:

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This is a guest episode we recorded for FounderStoriez with Ephraim Yermak. We talk about my journey as a founder, what motivates and drives me, mental resilience, advice for other founders, and how I keep myself sane through daily routines for mind, body and soul.

Clips / highlights from the Episode:

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I’m very proud to announce the launch of The FounderDad Podcast! The show features heartfelt, honest and open conversations about the challenges, trials and tribulations facing parent-entrepreneurs managing business and family life.

In Episode 1 we’re joined by Dave Crompton from the United Kingdom. Dave and I met on a parenting forum here on FB and I was taken aback by his story and work. Dave is a life coach for parents struggling with mental health. He is a husband, father of two and we are grateful he joined us for our first episode.

We start out with a jovial…

The meaning of “sharing”, “liking”, and “following” changed when Facebook entered the digital space sixteen years ago. What started as a way to connect students and create a social experience online has evolved into one of the largest media conglomerates in the world and spawned the creation of thousands of social networking apps that have changed society in profound ways we have yet to fully understand. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we need a new and healthy way to capture precious memories and share them with those we love.

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If you give a narcissist a camera, they’ll…

Written on May 17th, Los Angeles

I saw a child lose their father today. A young boy learning to surf, lost his dad in the undertow. I walked by him as he sat on the sand, head in his arms, crying, towel on his shoulders, keeping himself safe in the blackness away from reality. Bystanders covered teary faces, two teens, boys, also in wetsuits, staring blankly at the sand.

So many thoughts came to mind. Thoughts about this young boy’s life changed in an instant, on a completely new course that now becomes the cross and reality he’ll need to…

Lina was created by a team of parent-entrepreneurs who needed a private space to share their life experience and establish meaningful, lasting and significant relationships with their kids.

We just launched Lina 1.0 in the App Store and on Product Hunt!

Support us with upvotes and spread the word.

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This journey as a founder + dad is filled with mixed emotions, and often requires engaging in a lot of “radical self inquiry.” The honesty and self awareness with which Jerry Colonna reflected on his own experience and the experiences of other founders in the book Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up, gave me the sense of calm and perspective I desperately needed when going through a particularly difficult time earlier this year.

After reaching out to simply thank him for the book, Jerry was generous enough to invite me to his show to discuss my experience and…

It’s been a long road, and we are here. Lina is now available in the Appstore.

What is Lina?

download today at
download today at

Lina is a mobile app created by parents, to help parents share love and life experiences with their kids. It is a Lifeark — the safe, private space for families to navigate the digital realm and educate children about the future, present and past to which they belong.

Our Mission

Help parents establish meaningful, lasting and significant relationships with their kids.

The Big Picture

Technology has produced a strange reality — we share intimate details of our lives with distant friends…

Our kids are being raised by the internet; by mobile phones, influencers, algorithms and advertisers on commercial public platforms.

Don’t agree? Check the statistics…

  • “Kid’s spend 6–8x more time playing games and using social media than they do talking to parents.”
  • “In addition to using phones/tablets for homework, tweens spend an average of 6 hours per day on their phones, and teenagers spend 8.”
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As a result, 90% of tweens and teens have reported increases in depression, social isolation, low self-esteem and FOMO.

This reality is destined to become one of the defining issues of our time, and the question…

Winning and Losing (a letter to my son…)

Do your best to have a positive attitude and be happy whether you win or lose. Be happy because you have an opportunity to play, and are playing this game of life.

Enjoy the game, enjoy the process.

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Take joy in the fact you can learn, practice, implement, adapt, execute and enjoy. Enjoy it and feel the ups and downs. Feel everything.

There’s an old and often overused saying, “It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” But it really is. Life is about playing, and how you play.

Learn, Practice, Try, Win, Lose and Learn. And do it with a smile )


Danny Feltsman

Founder of LifeArk (, creating a safe place for families to connect online.

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