By Paula Pandolfino, Co-Founder, The Founders Bank Project

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Today I am excited to announce that Kenan Altunis, a senior Deutsche Bank executive, has agreed to join The Founders Bank project as our Chief Executive Officer.

At Deutsche Bank, Kenan served as Global Co-Head of the Institutional Client Group within the Corporate and Investment Bank where he was responsible for a multi-billion-dollar revenue operation and a team of over 1000 people.

He has direct experience of dealing with the world’s largest institutional investors and regulatory authorities. He was also a member of its Executive Committee, reporting directly to the Deputy CEO.

Kenan joining as CEO marks another important step for our launch which also includes the application for an EU banking licence from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). …


Founders Bank

The Founders Bank project is a corporate challenger bank servicing the tech industry, including blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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