Before pitching my recruitment service. It is necessary to discuss the most important thing the ‘trust-factors’ and why any founder should trust me.

‘foundersfriend’ (ff) is created for startup founders. It means it is frugal, lean, simple and fast.

And it is based on trust. I call them ‘trust-factors’


Why should you trust me personally

  • I am an ex-founder. I recruited teams, manage product development and successfully built a product with them.
  • I am an ex-startup-employee. I recruited directly by founders and work closely with founders in product startups.
  • I understand how startups function in initial stages and the impact of recruiting the wrong folks.


‘foundersfriend’ (ff) is a recruitment consultancy-service only for startup founders.

Most consultancy ( process, fees & results) and recruiter SUCKS. They built for MNC and Big companies ( red-tape culture). They don’t understand how founders think and small /mid-size startup works. And I think every founder need independent consultancy some point in the early stages of the startup journey.

So I am trying to do something about it.

Few things about me.

Hi. My name is Amit Rai and I recently started a founder-service called Foundersfriend (FF) I am currently living in Bangalore city (India).

foundersfriend (ff)

A founder friend. Follow if you think (ff) is an interesting project and founders need something like that. []

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