Once You Bring People In It Is No Longer Your Baby!! — FoundersFudge

Bringing people into the fold is something that takes courage, strength and trust.

Your cofounders are your foundations that you will need to help you construct the entire strategy and technology stack…. so your initial hires including other cofounders are more than crucial to the success and culture of the business.

It is more like starting a family, you all come at things from different angles based on past experiences. However, the perfect person is not the first person that comes through the door or the most experienced it is the person you all click with and can entrust with the product.

When you are building your initial team, you need to think if someone has even the smallest reservation about them now the situation won’t improve in the future.

The truth is build the team, grow the family be like the godfather only bring people you trust and know you can all work with into your inner circle.