Should companies have a Carbon Tax?

Companies whether they are a big corporation, SME or start-up need to start thinking about the wider environmental impact of their business practices on our environment.

I think everyone can agree that we have decimated the natural world with our need to make our mark on the global ecosystem. Sitting in Old Street Roundabout (one of the most polluted parts of London), working on concept that will increase global emissions. I am at a dilemma, how do you create something that can become a carbon neutral but also how can we offer a solution to allow people to travel the world freely and how the hell do you calculate impact of that travel.

Looking into companies within the online retail, travel and services spaces. Probably fewer than 1% of companies have a ‘green’ charitable arm associated with actual and impactful sustainability practices.

Here are some ways you can implement sustainable and impactful environmental practices on your business.

Plant Trees — These policies are great because you can find initiatives globally that you can support and then promote on site.

Passenger Clothing (Waves & Trees Campaign) — With every order passenger clothing plants a tree. 🌲

Much Better Foundation — £1/new customer, with an optional contribution of £1/booking for hosts.

Carbon Tax — This already exists for the travel industry in the EU and United States, but should become a standard for all industries. While it increases costs on the bottom line it is beneficial to the future we want our children to inherit.

CarboTax — Its time for a price on carbon, where you can work out your carbon contribution over a year and then fun projects to help protect rainforests globally.

Essentially environmental policies are a great way to get people to use your service and to understand how your business can go carbon neutral in just a couple of steps.