100+ UK AI/ML Start Ups Launched in 2018

Founders Time
Jan 1, 2019 · 9 min read

We have compiled a list of 100+ start ups with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at their core. All of these have been started or launched in 2018 in the United Kingdom. It demonstrates that UK remains an important centre of entrepreneurship, including the commercialisation of deep tech.

In the past year, Founders Time has interviewed founders of 10 different start ups, ranging from pre-seed to Series A. Subscribe and follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud!

  • Adarga — Helping Customers In The Defence & Security Sector [source]
  • Adriel — One-stop online advertising solution powered by A.I. [source]
  • AiLearn — AiLearn is an online revision platform, that utilises AI to teach students maths. [source]
  • Aim.io — Aim.io, non-intrusive, and non-spammy quality ads to highly-relevant audience. [source]
  • Akkiba — Helps to grow your business with AI. [source]
  • Allot — Our analytics platform helps pharmaceutical companies launch (commercial) drugs [source]
  • Alpha Interview — We enable your organization to complement written profiles with video questions, so that a holistic view of candidates is formed already at shortlisting stage. [source]
  • Anmut — Data valuation. [source]
  • Aston Advisory — Turning data into global mobility business intelligence. [source]
  • Astroscreen — Astroscreen uses the latest machine learning techniques and the largest collection of social media bot data to detect fake accounts, bots and spam on social networks. [source]
  • asya.ai — An app that listens to your voice in conversations with others and provides private feedback on the impact of your words on you and other people. [source]
  • Atlas ML — Atlas ML is building a community of ML engineers around a set of tools made for their workflow. [source]
  • Aura Vision — Aura Vision helps retailers measure and improve their footfall, sales and marketing ROI through unique consumer insights from their shop floor. [source]
  • AVAhire.io — We use artificial intelligence to automatically matches candidates and jobs. [source]
  • BrainPatch — At BrainPatch we are creating a platform technology that would allow you to develop apps for non-invasive brain stimulation and take control of your brain. [source]
  • Carbon Performance — Next-generation AI-designed Automotive components [source]
  • CartMe — App that buys products according to your preferences and nutritional needs automatically. [source]
  • Cellari — Cellari enables doctors and non-specialists to take full advantage of recent developments in artificial intelligence. [source]
  • Center Health — Building the future of diabetes with an AI assistant and connected blood sugar meter. [source]
  • ChosenAI — We’re a deep-tech startup transforming the way people discover & understand talent. [source]
  • Churnly Technologies — Churnly’s software uses machine learning and predictive modelling to learn why historically customers leave and predicts which customers will churn, and why. [source]
  • Cobe — Intuitive and Intelligent Visualisations for Docker and Kubernetes. [source]
  • Cognize AI — Next Generation Human-Computer Interactivity. [source]
  • Common Ground — Common Ground helps companies showcase their culture and people in order to attract and retain top academic talent in the areas of Machine Learning, Data and Computer Science and Software Engineering. [source]
  • Connectworxs — An analytics collaboration platform for enterprise. [source]
  • Constellation AI — Creating representative artificial intelligence that furthers humanity and improves lives. [source]
  • Cosmosair — An Aerospace Company that designs and manufactures intelligent aircraft and drones that integrate Artificial Intelligence at the core for civilian and military applications. [source]
  • CPEC — A real-time project management platform acting as the project’s central nerve system. [source]
  • CYKEEP — Cyber Security Startup Integrates human intelligence with advanced technologies. [source]
  • Datahoard — Revolutionising the way in which people control, sell, take part in how their data is being used. [source]
  • Deary — Deary is a messaging platform that uses AI to automatically recognize your most meaningful messages and saves them in a personal digital diary. [source]
  • Decigio.com — Decigio.com is a decision support and predictive analytics platform based on multiple-criteria decision analysis and machine learning. [source]
  • dividiti — Develop a Collective Knowledge web platform with reusable, optimized and plug & play AI components. [source]
  • Edtopia — Transforming the way children learn. [source]
  • Emma Health — Digital healthcare product powered by Artificial Intelligence providing solutions from your smartphone. [source]
  • Enni — Your smart AI assistant helping you manage your food. [source]
  • Ephemeral.ai — We provide tools that enable brands to more easily work with influencers [source]
  • Fiinding — Predictive Competitor Intelligence for the Energy industry. [source]
  • Fityemek — Fityemek helps gym-goers to eat fit and healthy, by providing them nutrition plans. [source]
  • Flook — A distributed AI eLearning Management System for all types of schools, academies, universities and businesses. [source]
  • GENX Laboratories — AI-powered products to solve problems and automate industries like manufacturing. [source]

Check out European Machine Intelligence Landscape, a project mapping out artificial intelligence companies ranging from early seed stage to listed companies across the European continent. The data was collected using publicly available information on the internet. It also offers detailed analysis of investors, transactions and funding levels in general.

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  • GetMappd — A platform and tool designed to bridge the gap between organizations and consumers, in essence providing a middleware layer to allow. [source]
  • Grounddata — The sensors collect data which help farmers and growers increase the economic yield of their crops [source]
  • GymStreak — Artificial Intelligence Powered Bodybuilding & Fitness [source]
  • Holofy — Micro-applications attached to things [source]
  • HyBird — Extreme environment drones for industrial inspections, resulting in significantly improved safety, efficiency and cost savings. [source]
  • HypeCrux — AI-Based HyperPersonal Content Marketing Platform. [source]
  • Icepick — Icepick is a distributed cloud computing platform that works by pooling computing resources (laptop/desktops) together and efficiently executing graphics card (GPU) intensive tasks among the workers. [source]
  • inforcehub — Using AI to help insurers have better customer conversations [source]
  • Intellegens — Deep learning for sparse data [source]
  • Jutics — AI Powered Job Seeking [source]
  • Labrix Digital — Building data engineering, data analytics and process optimisation solutions in order to maximise KPIs for end-to-end business processes. [source]
  • Luxury Promise — We provide a online market for our clients to sell and buy luxury items, mostly high-end jewellery and handbags via two main channels: e-Commerce and a Mobile Application. [source]
  • Magic Carpet AI — We are a group of scientist researching the huge complexity of AI applied to trading. [source]
  • Mendelian Genetics — Building the most comprehensive Knowledge Base governing the biology of genetic diseases. [source]
  • Mentorite — AI powered platform that aims to reduce the attrition rate in large companies. [source]
  • Metapair — Utilising AI to democratize brand to brand partnership [source]
  • Metaview — Metaview is Google Analytics for job interviews. [source]
  • Millimetric — Constantly monitors all your data, detect anomalies with smart algorithms machine learning technology and provides insight to hidden problems with your marketing. [source]
  • MindVisionLabs — Modelling complex human states for smoother autonomy. [source]
  • Minimax Labs — Optimisation and portfolio management for billion dollar energy portfolios. [source]
  • myTamarin — AI-powered childcare matchmaker [source]
  • Neural Alpha — We build cutting edge, AI & Big Data driven solutions for Sustainable Investing [source]
  • Neurolabs — Uses machine learning models to predict accurate sales forecasts. [source]
  • Octavia.ai — AI-plugin, designed to revolutionise the recruitment process. [source]
  • Odyssiant — AI driven Next-Best-Content Marketing Platform. [source]
  • Open Dynamics — We design sustainable Artificial Intelligence driven Smart Homes, Smart Villages and Smart Cities for the new Generations. [source]
  • OPIÑON — OPIÑON is a cognitive training game that helps you cultivate the skills that make you thrive and learn when engaging with controversial topics anonymously, so you can make your own mind up. [source]
  • Park Technology — Create unique & delightful loyalty campaigns [source]
  • PayScanner — Helping legacy payment ecosystems to adopt emerging payment ecosystems. [source]
  • Perept — Automating learning and the process of knowledge acquisition for individuals. [source]
  • Pia — Your AI Powered Personal Investment Assistant. [source]
  • pipemode — A powerful AI mindset connecting corporates and startups [source]
  • prospex.ai — Prospex, sales leads intelligently. SaaS AI powered lead generation start-up [source]
  • Qbots Energy — Qbots’ mission is to set-up and operate Federated virtual Power Plants (FPP) that aggregates and utilises flexibility in consumer demand. [source]
  • QSmash App — Amzon Go for non Amazon retailers. AI and ML based SCAN, PAY and Go! Technology [source]
  • Qualis Flow — QFlow is a cloud-based data analytics platform for environmental and construction activity data. [source]
  • QuantCopy — Helps to convert more leads using AI Personalized Messages. [source]

Our interview with Rudy Lai, founder of QuantCopy 👇

  • Rail Diary — SaaS for Rail Infrastructure [source]
  • Ricochet — A machine-learning and NLP-based sales prospecting platform, that helps salespeople find and engage more sales leads with less effort, every month. [source]
  • Scintilla.ai — Spark is a product initially designed for school age children. It ensures retention of essential knowledge when they progress from year to year. [source]
  • Sharpsense AI — Artificial Intelligence meets sensor data. [source]
  • Silogic Research — IoT Machine Learning Semiconductors. [source]
  • Skyscape Technologies — Data analytics and marketplace for rooftops. [source]
  • Spark EV Technology — Spark enables electric vehicles to go further between charges using machine learning to predict range based on driver, routing and battery data. [source]
  • Spirit AI — Builds AI-driven tools to make the future of interactions better: both with virtual humans, and with real humans. [source]
  • StudioH67 — A developer-focused start-up creating new tools to make data exchange easy and safe. [source]
  • Survey54 — Helping collect consumer data in emerging markets using voice technology. [source]
  • Synthesized.io — Privacy preserved machine learning. [source]
  • tablebook.me — Tablebook.me is building an AI reservationist which will both drive revenue for restaurants, and deliver customer service excellence. [source]
  • TechLayer — Using cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning techniques, we are developing a solution that can enhance and compress realtime video streams for video conferencing / face-time. [source]
  • TestGenie — TestGenie is a SaaS project which captures behavioral disturbances on the applications. [source]
  • The Smile Tribe — The AI coach/friend/bot that optimises people’s happiness [ source ]
  • ThingCo — New insuretech company, focussing on developing the next generation telematics using the latest technology. [source]
  • ThinJetty — AI and Conversational Design. [source]
  • ThreatSpike Labs — ThreatSpike Labs is a start-up company that has developed a next-generation network security and analytics platform. [source]
  • Uhura Solutions — We help companies replace human interaction with customers by AI advisors that can read and understand contracts. [source]
  • Umbrella — Applying AI to deliver diversity [source]
  • VAICE — Helps companies benefit from voice technology, and build their presence on Voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. [source]
  • Vedra — A.I. driven content personalisation for SMEs [source]
  • Vyking — Vyking is a deep tech “Body AR” company specialized in computer vision tracking of 3D deformable objects, 2D to 3D reconstruction and semantic image segmentation. [source]
  • Wavepaths — We research transformational experiences and make them accessible to the many. [source]
  • Weekender — AI-powered weekend recommendations at home and abroad. [source]
  • Workio — Workio is a web app that helps you map and understand your real company culture and values by asking employees about their preferences and experience of the workplace. [source]
  • ZEG.ai — ZEG.ai is building ground-breaking tech that enables 3D generation at a massive scale for e-commerce, XR, and games. [source]
  • Ziligence — An AI driven platform that helps businesses connect with emerging companies. [source]
  • Zoe AI — An AI Powered Insurance Assistant [source]

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