AI Newsletters You Should Subscribe To (Part 2/3: Individuals)

Staying updated with the latest developments in AI is hard. To make it easier for you we’ve compiled a list of over 50 different newsletters. It consists of 3 parts:

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AI Weekly [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

David Lissmyr is the founder of Plume Labs, which uses artificial intelligence technologies and data science to help urban citizens reduce their exposure to air pollution. The AI Weekly is his curated newsletter of AI and machine learning news and resources.

Data Elixir [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Branded ‘The week’s top news & tools for Data Lovers’, Data Elixir is curated by Lon Riesberg who describes himself as ‘Avid learner. Data geek. Product dev, currently in stealth mode. It issues each Tuesday with a curation of the best data science news, resources, and inspirations from around the web.

Import AI [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Import AI is a weekly newsletter about the latest breakthroughs and applications in artificial intelligence. It’s written by Jack Clark, who is the Strategy and Communications Director at OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company, discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.

The Wild Week in AI [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI and deep learning newsletter curated by Denny Britz, who has worked at Google Brain on deep learning techniques in reinforcement learning, machine translation and conversational modelling.

AIDLWeekly [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

A weekly newsletter curating AI and deep learning, published by Waikit Lau and Arthur Chan, whose background spans MIT, CMU, Bessemer Venture Partners, Nuance and BBN.

Big Data News Weekly [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

This site’s goal is to provide readers with a wide range of information covering big data. The publishers curate and share recent news, articles and jobs, and share this via their weekly newsletter which covers big data, data science, Hadoop, AI, and machine learning.

Data is Plural [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Billed as ‘a weekly newsletter of useful/curious datasets’, this is put together by Jeremy Singer, a journalist and computer programmer based in New York City who is the data editor for BuzzFeed News.

Data Machina [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

A ‘weekly digest of data science curiosities, machine intelligence, data geekery, and other amenities, for those bemused by AI, algorithmic entities, sentient machines, and automated things’ curated by Carlos, who also founded Data Science London, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science.

The Art of Data Science [Monthly, Home]

This newsletter offers opinion on data science, analytics, quant, business intelligence. The curator, Karthik Shashidhar, is a freelance management consultant and data scientist based in Bangalore, India, and resident Quant at the Takshashila Institution.

The Data Science Roundup [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Billed as ‘The internet’s most useful data science articles’, curated by Tristan Handy, CEO & Founder at Fishtown analytics, an analytics consultancy serving high-growth, venture-funded startups.

Data Prism [Weekly, Home]

A weekly publication of curated news about startups and companies in the fields of data science, machine learning, AI and analytics. It is curated by Angela Chieh, product manager at Internet of Things (IoT) startup Withings specialising in data and analytics.

Skynet Today [Bi-weekly, HomeTwitter]

Bills itself as ‘Putting AI News In Perspective — with accessible and informed coverage of the latest AI hype and panic’, Skynet is a group of researchers, engineers, and working professionals with domain knowledge in AI.

Humane AI [Bi-weekly, HomeTwitter]

Roya Pakzad curates this compilation of news and analysis about the intersection of artificial intelligence, public policy, and human rights. Roya’s research and work focuses on the intersection of human rights and technology.

Deep Learning Weekly [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Describes itself as ‘helping you keep up with the breakneck pace of new developments in the field by bringing you all that’s new and exciting from academia to the grubby depth of industry.’ Curated by Malte Baumann, a deep learning professional, and Jan Buss, an AI and SaaS developer.

Inside AI [Daily, HomeTwitter]

Rob May’s roundup of stories and commentary on artificial intelligence, robotics, and neurotechnology. Rob is CEO at Talla, an AI knowledge automation platform, and an angel investor in 50+ AI companies.

The Exponential View [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Billed as ‘Azeem Azhar’s wondermissive on technology, business & society’, issued every Sunday. Azeem is a strategist, product entrepreneur and analyst, currently working as the Senior Advisor for AI to the CTO of Accenture.

Machine Learnings [Weekly, Home]

Curated by Sam DeBrule (co-founder of Journal, a smart information organising tool), Avi Eisenberger (product designer) and Samiur Rahman (CEO/Cofounder of Journal), this newsletter helps you understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence will change your work and life. newsletter [Quarterly, Home, Twitters]

A market intelligence newsletter covering AI in the technology industry, research lab and venture capital market. Its curator, Nathan Benaich, is a venture partner at Point Nine Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm primarily focused on SaaS and online marketplaces.

Data Science Weekly Newsletter [Weekly, HomeTwitter]

Curated news, articles and jobs related to data science, from Hannah Brooks and Sebastian Gutierrez. Hannah works in a Corporate role at PepsiCo. Sebastian is also founder of, a tutorial and training site for those starting out in data visualisation.

Artificial Intelligence Podcast by Lex Fridman[Home, Twitter]

Lex Fridman is research scientist at MIT, working on human-centered artificial intelligence. His AI podcast hosts accessible, big-picture conversations with AI leaders, from the perspective of deep learning, robotics, AGI, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, economics, physics, and mathematics.

Talking Machines [Home]

Talking Machines is a window into the world of machine learning, with conversations with experts in the field, and insightful discussions of industry news. The newsletter showcases the latest podcast, news, events, and jobs postings.

Approximately Correct [Home]

This is the blog of Zachary Chase Lipton, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He is interested in both core machine learning methodology and applications to healthcare and dialogue systems. He is also a visiting scientist at Amazon AI.

NLP News [Monthly, HomeTwitter]

Natural language processing and machine learning research and news, curated by Sebastian Ruder, Research Scientist at Aylien, a text analysis and natural language processing company.

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