The Who, Why and How: Lead Investors

What Is A Lead Investor?

How To Identify A Lead Investor

  • Invests in companies at your stage, whether it is seed stage, series A or beyond

3 Qualities Lead Investors Must Have

Interest in Your Segment

Financial Resources

Time and Risk Readiness

Do Not Get Blacklisted From Lead Investors

If you are looking for funding but do not have your pitch or company in good shape, you will be blacklisted. When you get a “no” from an investor, that “no” is forever. The average investor sees dozens, if not hundreds of deals a month. There are some cases in which investors may look at your company again, but don’t count on it. Also, if you make a bad impression with one investor, there’s a good chance that they will pass the word along to fellow investors, which will hurt your chances for potential meetings with others.

  • Pulling the rug out from under the investor because they aren’t moving fast enough or some other bogus reason.
  • Associating with and depending on sleazy, untrustworthy advisors.
  • Not being coachable. Never admitting you don’t know, that you made a mistake or arguing too stridently with a closed mind.
  • Coming into the process with the naïve inflexible belief that the money raiser sets the deal price and terms.

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