About me

So as I said earlier, I played music in a band for about 10 years. Around the same time we started a mini festival with a couple of close friends. Both these hobbies made me meet a lot of influential people. My “career” soon developed into artist management for a couple of friends and I started to work a lot more in the festival scene. It started helping as a stagehand, later I became stage manager and now 10 years later I do production management for some big festivals and major artists (I still can’t believe I work for the people I work for).

Because I noticed that the fields of “management” interested me a lot (and because I didn’t know what else to study) I started a bachelor course in retail management. This was basically a great place to meet more big ass people because of the internships we had every year. These internships were handy but I hated them at the same time. I don’t like working for somebody. It just doens’t suit me and it probably never will.

So I graduated. But I wasn’t done yet. The field of “management” was still way too broad. I still didn’t know how to tackle it. I started to think about what I wanted in life and after a few months I started a predoctoral training course in Applied Economics at Ghent University.

After this course I felt like I was ready and that’s why we are here… talking about doing it for yourself. Let’s enjoy this journey together.

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Bram Van de velde
Founder & executive at foundme
Predoc in Applied Economics