The Twitter Troll.

Having been recently developing brand identities for two new clients I have been exploring the use of negative space. I found myself looking at and exploring different shapes and themes and created some ideas that have successfully lead to new brand identities.

One idea I particularly wanted to share was discovering the Twitter Troll! After noticing the Twitter birds wing looked like teeth or a mouth and with a bit of experimentation there it was… all this time, the internet troll! Hard to see at first (as the guys in the studio confirmed) but when you know its there it’s all you see!

Enjoy and share.


The finished design.
Just incase you could’nt see it!

Is it a bird or a car? This icon is part of a new brand identity we are currently developing.

Can you spot the ‘J’ in the train? Again this icon is part of a new brand identity we are currently developing.

Here are a few more logos and icons we like that use negative space in different ways. Simplicity is the key along with a creative eye, not as simple to do as the outcome may suggest.

Ever notived the white arrow between the ‘E’ and ‘X’ on the FedEx logo?
The Toblerone logo, can you see the bear in the mountain? He has been there for years!
Le Mans 24 hr race logo. Clever use of negative space to create the number
Very clever use of negative space here with both the Mallard and Swan represented within an ampersand.
A fitting tribute for Steve Jobs.
Clever use of negative shapes to show both the number and written word.