The perception of reality in an unreal world

Contemplating the ongoing endless world conflicts, the messages behind and the econopolitical interest behind each guided conflict you end up posing some questions.

Why is the world dynamic so aggressive?
Is the human mind so weak that it can’t reason outside of his knowledge scope?

The human by nature is egocentered, he loves for his own good, to feel good. We make connections, social interactions and reclaim it’s love denying the fact that nothing is random and arbitrary. We communicate to reach new levels, self-value extending our social circle to prove our “ability to be accepted”.

The same social context extends on ideologies, which were an essential dynamic for many wars, with subliminal messages that might be and might not be true or real … Uncertain facts.

I had a hard time understanding why someone would like to adopt something uncertain based on a “story”, a “tale” or “ideology”. How can a human be so sure if he never experienced it ? And in case there’s a proof of experience what were the parameters and the dynamics that allowed this to happen based on science and proof, tangible proof (not someone said it and pledge full credibility, manipulation is as easy talking). The dynamics of wars based on “honnour” and “reward” was the same for all the civilizations that passed through the history of earth. Each civilization implicating its own “interests” for mass recruiting and expansion of power, selling the idea that what is being doable is “changing the world” and for the “sake of humanity”. Though all of this is only leading to resources draining and “demographic” control out of fear of the human weakness facing the nature.

Everything seems illogical, what proof ?! The only fact I am sure of is that a human rose and grew in an unsimulated environment that is nearly impossible to regenerate to recreate the same experience for another individual to observe it.

Distinction, each individual is distinct and special. From the smallest particle of his body to the “transcended” aspect of his mind.

Victories create more partisans, and this is natural because we are attracted to power that we are seeking within our limited life scope. We start making justification about why we are doing this, explaining the dynamics even if it was building lies on truth. Yes lies on truth, selling and manipulating communities for personal objectives that slowly start being revealed. Remember that no historical empire prevailed for “eternity”. Everything changes, the variables, the actors, the interest and the needs.

We are such beautiful creatures, with incredible abilities, unable to understand that doubting and questioning is part of our consciousness and observations. Trust your intuition and follow it by thinking, instead of broadly accepting the stream of life comming through your senses

Worthless stupid beautiful human.

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