Fascism Wins Because Your White Feminist Girlfriend Slay Queened a War Criminal
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You do realize that women and non white males have way more voting power than white males don’t you. And I’m sure that you know that facism starts in the left wing. Read up about Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro & in very modern times Chávez. The left decides that they will no longer tolerate the poeple they are demonising, overthrow the government or get into power and get to exterminating anyone that disagrees with their facist policies. Trump wants to try a free market and get rid of croney capitalism that is controlled by government.

You only have 12 or so years until social security is going to have yuge cuts. You might as well give the only thing that has worked in the past and that’s getting the government out of the way to give every person the ability to make their own money. That doesn’t sound like facism to me, it kind of sounds like a free society where the government doesn’t tell it’s citizens what to do at the point of a gun, kinda the opposite of facism.