Interview Robert Vargas

Creative Director, Bloomberg Businessweek

Robert Vargas, the successor of Richard Turley as Bloomberg Businessweek Creative Director, and who is also the author of a lot of covers for the magazine, came to explain us the process he follows when he works. The recent election of Trump and the current climate in the United States gives us another perspective on his work and on the place of the magazine in the society.

He showed us different covers and articles he made and explained us the reasons behind each of his work pieces. Thanks to his highlights, we could understand the editorial slant of the magazine, its vision and the tone they use to talk about serious topics. He also explained us the sense of immediateness of his job since he sometimes has to change the cover of a magazine within a day time or needs to understand complex topics in a very short period of time to publish the articles on time. His work is really different from the one of a Creative Director working for a classic magazine.

The second part of his intervention was interactive: he gave us an email from Stephen Miller, a political support of Donald Trump, and asked us to read the paper and make a cover about what we understood. While we were trying our best to deliver the one expected cover, Robert made 5 or 6 of them, all more beautiful than the others. It was astonishing and we could get a glance of how successful he is at doing what he does!

At the end of our one-hour reflexion and creation time, we were all asked to put our computers on the floor and to look at the others’ works. Robert took the time to look at all of them, to give us his kind opinion and to explain us what works or not, and why. It was very interesting to see that we all started from the same article but none of us proposed the same cover!

23 th february 2017, TDC masterclass 
Florian Brennemann & Nastasia Fourcade
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