Interview Thierry Blancpain

Art Director and Type design, Grillitype Founder

Thierry Blancpain is the founder of Grillitype, an independent Swiss type foundry that makes customized typefaces.

He came to see us at the Type Director’s Club. He was really energetic and his presentation was very clear, explaining us how they started the foundry and how they design typefaces since their foundation in 2009.

He insisted to tell us that Grillitype was a friends’ story, a gathering of talented people in various specialities. The company explores different processes to create an identity around their typefaces, and to make graphic designers and other customers project themselves using grillitype’s typefaces.

After this fascinating presentation about his work and the work of his foundry, he conducted a surprising workshop with us. We had four brand logos like Chanel or Coca-Cola, that we had to change in other features. Coca-cola could be an electronic company, Chanel a TV show, and Canon a brand of luxury clothes!

Once we were done and had put all of our computers on the floor, we saw that the answers were varied, and it was sometimes weird because we have known the names of these brands since we were kids but with a different meaning (more fancy, glamour etc.)!

That was a good exercice to see how typefaces and type design can change the entire identity of a brand and force us to create images and stereotypes in our brains.

23 th february 2017, TDC masterclass 
Florian Brennemann & Nastasia Fourcade
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