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“Shape it” — the game fills a market niche

Our game is like a combination of a fitness app and a real life game. There are already a million of fitness apps and real life games on the market. They all focus either on fitness or just on building up something. We tried to fill this marketing niche by producing a combination of this two areas and upgrading it to a learning game.

Style and Motivation

Our game design is very clear and well structured. There are no needless buttons or pictures. The design is especially for our adult audience. The best way to encourage our buyers is to make our game exciting and funny so that they don’t notice that they are learning at the same time.

Advertising Poster

The poster is especially made for one fitness studio we are collaborating with. It is mutual advertising. We make a profit because they are hanging up our poster and distribute our flyers and we are solicing their fitnesscenter in our app. Our players get more knowledge of the different equipment the studio has to offer.


The game stores are full of different apps for nearly every single niche. So it is very difficult but also very interesting to find a way to stand out.

Therefore we tried to find a suitable icon for our game that symbolizes the main idea and provides a feeling. So we made a research of other fitness icons and their effect. We just did that for fitness apps because there is no comparable app or game on the market.

App Store


Download “Shape it” to built up your own fitness studio and reach your health and fitness goals. Lern more about a healthy lifestyle and fitness and create the fitness studio of your dreams. Grow your studio and get more and more enthusiastic members.


Provider: four dot studios

Category: Life simulation game, Fitness

Compatibility: I-Phone, I-Pad and I-Pod touch, Optimated for I-Phone 5, I-Phone 6 and I-Phone 6+

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