Target Audience

Our game is gender neutral. The target audience we want to address our game to are people with an awareness or just interest in a healthy and athletic lifestyle. Furthermore, our game refers to people who love life simulation games where they can build up their own planet as well. The players are between 18 and 40 years old.

They love the challenge to develop well working training and diet schedules to increase the number of their clients. Nothing will prevent them from completing this task. The players follow their instinct to reach their goals.

Our game appeals to especially this audience because people between 18 and 40 are mostly keen on his topic. Most of the younger and older ones are uninterested in either sports, healthy lifestyle or this kind of game. For example children under 18.

Our game is gender neutral

We haven’t got any gender specific game features. There are just client specific limits in different areas because men and woman have different requirements. But this problem will be solved within the moment the player has to coach his clients.

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