Software review: Xero accounting software for business systems

When it comes to accounting software, we give Xero a ten out of ten. As software developers, we recognise well-constructed systems designed with the user in mind, and this is definitely one of them. Here’s why we chose Xero above the other accounting software options available to integrate into the business software systems we build:

It’s mobile-ready

We know that today’s businesses aren’t stationary. As a busy entrepreneur, you’re on the move and you need your business operations to move with you. We offer mobile accessibility to our suite business and field management software services, and Xero fits perfectly into this role. Many accounting-related operations don’t happen at a desk. They happen when you’re on site for a job, on the road, in a store, or on the train. You can reconcile your bank account during your morning commute, send invoices on location and track your expenses, all from your smartphone or iPad when we build Xero into your system.

Automated data entry

Manual data entry is a drag, and spreadsheets are a hassle to mine through. Xero saves you and your accountant time by updating your financial records for you as needed in a clear format. You can grant your accountant as much or as little access to your Xero account as you desire, making it easy for you to communicate and stay on the page throughout the year. At the end of the year, all of your tax information is in the right format and ready to submit to HMRC.

Connect to your Bank Accounts

Xero will match your transactions with your bank records for you. You never lose track of your cash flow because Xero knows which invoices are still unpaid, and gives you an accurate picture of your financial position. It also supports foreign currencies and updates exchange rates hourly, making it a perfect tool for all of you operating in the international market.

Online Invoicing

Who wouldn’t want to make getting paid easier? Not only can you send invoices on the spot, your customers can pay on the spot, too. Xero pairs up with Stripe to add payment links to your invoices, allowing customers to make payments online with their credit cards or PayPal accounts. Want to know if a client has received your invoice? Xero will tell you when it’s been opened. You can even create your own custom invoice designs with your company logo. If you prefer, you can just download the invoice as a PDF and print or email it.

Multiple Xero Accounts

For those of you managing more than one company at a time, Xero lets you create accounts for multiple companies under one profile so that you can toggle from one to the other with ease. Keep all your financial information for all your projects in one place, accessible anytime.

VAT Return Recording

Xero saves you a major headache by generating your VAT reports for you automatically. You can connect your HMRC account to Xero, and it will feed all of your VAT information directly to HMRC for you. You can even submit your reports from your Xero account.

These are just a few of the features that make Xero our accounting software favourite. You can explore their other offerings at

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