4 Weeks long: One year at 4C

I made a decision I didn’t think about. A very instinctive one. It has turned out to be one of my best decisions yet.
Leaving Medical school in March 2016, the plan was to complete some existing design projects and grow in my design career. As I waited to start my internship, working in a design firm was ruled out. I actually rejected a possibility of joining Ellae Creative sometimes in June 2016.
However, FourthCanvas had just shifted base to Akure and needed designers — in and around Akure — to join the team.
The process of initiation began.
Saturday Morning, July 16, Ferricool got a call from Victor Fatanmi( Art Director of FourthCanvas) to discuss the possibility of him joining the team. Fericool wouldn’t be available, so he recommended me, due to relationship and proximity.
I had built a good relationship with Ferricool — in and out of design — during my school days, so it was easy.

Fast forward. I had a meeting with Victor at an eatery later that same day; he checked my works, gave comments and discussed a job offer. In few minutes, I was already executing design tasks.
That was how it all started.
One of the reasons I joined was maybe because I had been following the evolvement of the company from the VGC Media days. I had discussed with Victor virtually and had an appointment that did not work out in Dec 2015. I even had a portfolio of the team’s designs, which was meant to ‘not be for public’ on my laptop. Don’t ask me how I got them? Lol.

The initial offer was for 4 weeks, which isn’t over yet… Maybe I’m with the Lord, you remember “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years…”
4C has been a home for me, that’s a summary. Here’s it in more detail; It was just what I needed at that point of my design career. I unlearnt, learnt and relearnt designing; its standards and skills. I am still learning.

I had the privilege to daily discuss design with young and passionate and like-minds. I still do.

In the early days, I worked as if I had been with the team for donkey years. The bonding and trust are unparalleled. One highlight was the surprise birthday celebration I got on my birthday, 11 days after I joined the team.

Baba Sigiyoko

In August 2016, I facilitated at ‘YesOrWow’, a design training with The Future Project. This was a huge feat for me as I had plans to register for the first edition of the training which held in June 2016 (some weeks pre-FourthCanvas). If this is the only thing I have to show for this 1 year, it’s enough. The growth. The platform.

I have had the privilege to serve, learn and lead under the leadership of Bolaji and Victor (I still have a lot to say about the awesomeness of these guys).

Taking my personal inventory at the end of 2016, I had ‘done’ 22 logos, 17 of which I did during my time at FourthCanvas. I have grown from a fearful to fearless logo designer since I joined. I, still, am growing and becoming more fearless.

With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to prove to you beyond measure that the past 13 months of my life has been lighted up at FourthCanvas. I am of the bias, soon becoming a ‘rule’ that every designer should pass through a design agency, or something close, at some point in their respective career. It’s priceless.
To the 4C family, I say thank you for having me and giving me the privilege to learn, play and work with you.
We’re just getting started.