Our 2017 Canvas: Of Amazing People and Brands.

We started the year with daring heights. Little did we know that we were in for a far more mind-blowing 2017 with amazing new team members and projects with deeper creative experiences.

In January, from the heights of Idanre Hills, Ondo State, the story began for the year. In the same month, we hosted the AkureTechUp community — a group of StartUp founders and Tech players in the city — as part of our partnership towards building the ecosystem.

‘The First Lady’ arrived in February, the month of love. Our Mary, who art in 4C, ‘Ami of Nigeria’, as she is fondly known in the design community — a rare mix of graphics finesse and artistic mind. She paints, designs and adds glam to our office photos. Ayomide John (Mista AJ), who later became the Team Lead, Brands, also joined the house this month. AJ brings to the table a unique level of composure, passion and an amazing dress sense.

Mary Adefisayo(Design Lead) & Ayomide John(Team Lead, Brands)

As the world prepared to celebrate Valentine in red and white, we had better plans for the colour. Our 14th was spent concluding the Nike Adeyemi Brand Identity Project. We were in love, this time, our presents were unwrapped in a project that showed the melting point of ministry, love and value.

“One of the best things that happened to me this year was joining the team! I thought this kind of place existed in my thoughts of my future workplace. You know you’re surrounded when you work with a team that’s high on a wholesome cocktail of greatness, dynamism and versatility, coupled with skillfulness. Our hunger for knowledge and precision is beyond words.”
 — Mary Adefisayo

We Marched On!

This month, we worked on the event branding and communication materials for Africa Business Conference 2017.

Aluko Brown, our official team photographer also came on board in March. This is his testimony, *grabs mic* “I really wanted to grow and become a world-class photographer/designer. Joining FourthCanvas — a world-class design team was just perfect for me. I told myself the worst that could happen is I would be the least on the team but the worst on the team would be still be world-class you know”.

Aluko Brown

In April, we became wiser ‘cos really, who has time for April fool. Bibi, our Lady of process, incredible sight and wisdom joined the team. Tasks management and then, project administration got better than ever and as if that was not enough, she has deliciously cared for our stomachs via her food delivery business. Need we explain further why we call her Mummy?
Ayo Oshoro, the YNinja on the YNaija cover also joined the team in April, and his baptisimal design project was leading the team on the Nigerian Women Techsters (NWT) brand identity.

Ayo Oshoro and Bibi

May to June, we were in the position to deliver excellent visual communication for the Ondo State Government’s efforts to attract investment. Calls, meetings (day and night), joint design strategy sessions and the brand identity project for the Ondo State Development and Investment Promotion Agency (ONDIPA) was birthed. Got deeper. We built custom icons that were mostly peculiar to the state that would also apply for the entire government’s communication. It wasn’t as easy as this paragraph makes it look though.

July! Locked and loaded, we aimed and shot our targets. Two events branding of two major events on the same day. Lagos, Nigeria, July 27. As our Art Director, Victor Fatanmi sat on a panel at the New Media Conference (Convened by OloriSupergirl) at Four Points by Sheraton, the “4C power ladies” held down the forte at IMAX cinema, where we handled the event branding — including communication materials — for the first coworking conference in Nigeria.

This same month, we had a football match against PlanetNest organised by the AkureTechUp community. Yes! we brought our attention to details and alignment to the field of play. You need to see Victor, Tunji and Opeyemi! The goals rained down, but we did not block the holes properly, so Planet Nest came back to end the game @ 6–6.We have a story of the game here, you can click to enjoy. We will be better in 2018, we have been doing a lot of training.

And Tolu happened. Our beautiful Opportunities Associate joined the team. August was the month we went back to the past, had a glimpse and understood the present, and then launched out into what the future held for us. Ehm, the theme for TEDxYaba was Past, Present and Future…and we visually communicated it in a way that connected with message and its audience. We had a great time talking design, photography and branding with TY Bello who was one of the speakers at the event.

Next, we had an August Temi, new story, a new chapter in the movie of the year, our Project Associate, our new 4C power lady.

It is a September to remember, we went from Ondo to Lagos, this time, we worked with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund(LSETF) on the brand identity for the Lagos State employability Support Project (LSESP). Few trips to Lagos, a couple of nights out at the office and movements on our trello, and we are still on it.

October, we temporarily put a comma on the LogoEveryday series with the #CitiesOfOneNigeria series. It’s a pause, not a stop, so you can watch out for the next view. Anyway, we leave you with the possibilities of a Nigeria that is maintaining an upward thrust towards a greater nation…till we resume in 2018. We did a short case study, have you read it? We would still love for you to tell us your best LogoEveryday in the series? #LogoEveryday


We did a lot around developing an expanded blueprint for the company, reorganised and added responsibilities for some roles and reiterated the brand’s vision to help our clients achieve their set objectives and etch their narratives as the right option in the world of many alternatives.

Now the last of dem Ba(e)rs.

In December, we were part of the New Tribe. We handled and coordinated event branding and communication materials for TFAA 2017 (The Future Awards Africa). All hands were on deck! This is how we thrive.

In all it has been a great year, we also had a few design interns. LAUTECH strike gave us more time with Victor Oluwasusi; then we also had Aremu Oluwagbamila(SMOG), Praise Philemon and Fidelis.

In 2017, we were fruitful and we multiplied. This is our Genesis story, 2018 is the year to write new chapters and books.