Last Thursday in Short lines and Bars

“I like the first one.”

“No, I like the second one better.”

“Just watch, the client may just choose the one you like the least.”

Three sentences from different people but one goal: for the good of the client and team.

So a typical design day at FourthCanvas begins with individual members of the team working on different parts of a project or different projects entirely.

AJ comes to office with his baby- his Dell.

Victor wants to call his Mac, Mark but feels, when he refers to the latter, people will think it’s the former. So Mary has advised him to call the Ma(r) k with an emphasis on the r.

New boy, Aluko Brown says his system does not deserve a name (I am confused oh and this is the system making the money oh).

John is new to design; his biggest break so far was his graphical attempt via our #LoGoEveryday series to wish the President quick recovery. For him, his system is his first love.

Bibi just found out about Boomerang (An application that can schedule emails to send at optimal times, snooze messages, get read receipts & follow up reminders if someone doesn't respond to your email) and does awesome designs in her mind. However, I am sure the day design elements will come in foodstuffs, she will wow us. She cooks anything. More importantly she is the organisational piece and an important part of the puzzle.

BJ is the framework that ensures the body is working. When he walks into the design studio, it’s either there is a new project or we are almost missing the deadline - that we shouldn’t, and wouldn’t. You don’t want to see his serious face.

Ope works behind the system. I know he types and smiles a lot. He is probably the anonymous author of this. Just maybe!

A typical day begins with our clients in mind, their names on the project board, their designs on our screens, and the big question and desire always remains the need to give the very best. Most times our clients complain of how we make it difficult for them to choose from equally awesome options.

Our biggest strength is our seamless interaction, work fun and collaboration.

For today, Mary was the DJ, little wonder we are not dancing. Neither did we have any excited spur of ‘Who sang this?’

What does teamwork in the office mean to you?